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The Bible, once familiar to virtually all citizens of the United States, has lost its key position in our culture as a whole. More & more its reading & interpretation have been relegated to the Christian faithful of the evangelical, pentecostal & fundamentalist traditions, for whom it has divine authority & may even be taken literally as a "rule-book" for life. In that sectarian & often dogmatic reading, the Bible tends to reinforce rather than subverting worldly authority; & in recent times a variety of television preachers have used it to propagate their belief in war, capitalism, privatization, plutocracy, homophobia, nationalism, punitive incarceration, capital punishment & a variety of other ideas & institutions that would surely have horrified Jesus of Nazareth, not to mention the earlier Jewish prophets by whom he was inspired.

But the Bible has been read & interpreted in many ways by Americans; & on this page we seek to remind readers of some alternative American readings -- those that tend to liberate rather than oppress, inviting Biblical people to a respectful & egalitarian practice of love. More & more Christians these days are said to be asking themselves "What would Jesus do?" The answer, most of these authors would argue, is not to "be powerful," or "be greedy," or "be self-righteous & doctrinaire," or "be terrible in vengeance." It is always to "be kind."

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