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Liberation Theology: Africa

(see also Desmond Mpilo Tutu, Liberation Theology: Asia, Liberation Theology: Latin America, Liberation Theology: US & Europe & Bible in America)

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Hewitt, W.E. & D.L. Lewis, "Liberation theology in First & Third World countries: a comparison," Journal of Church & State 30 (win 1988):33-50.

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Banana, C.S. The Theology of Promise (Harare: College Press, 1982).

Ferm, Deane William. Third World Liberation Theologies. An Introductory Survey (Maryknoll, 1986).

__________, Third World Liberation Theologies. A Reader (Maryknoll, 1986).

Ferré, Frederick & Rita H. Mataragnon (eds.) God & Global Justice. Religion & Poverty in an Unequal World (NY, 1985).

Fierro, Alfredo. The Militant Gospel. A Critical Introduction to Political Theologies (Maryknoll, l977).

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