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This website was designed & is maintained entirely by members & friends world-wide of Monterey Bay Educators Against War, a citizens' research & action group based in the 17th Congressional District (Santa Cruz, Monterey, & San Benito Counties) on the Central Coast of California.

Our purpose is to make readily available to legislative staffers, journalists, teachers, pastors, students, researchers, & community activists the best available information, analysis, reflection & artistic expression on many vital topics in national & world affairs.

We do this to assist our Congressman Sam Farr & his colleagues, other educators & responsible citizens everywhere, in our efforts to stay ahead of the "spin doctors" & mass media, to keep ourselves well-informed, & to maintain the critical independence of mind we all need to face the pressures for conformity generated by a militarized economy & the ongoing "wars" against drugs & terrorism.

Materials posted have been found useful by members or contributors for building a well-informed broad movement against war, empire, & the other forms of institutionalized violence & injustice that we Americans have gotten used to since defining ourselves as a "superpower" after World War II. Where possible, we include brief annotations to assist users in making choices.

Concerned & well-informed legislators, journalists, teachers, pastors, students & activists, with the steady support of ordinary citizens, can widen the urgent discussion in our country of peaceful alternatives to war, violence & inequality. Together we can build a broad-based, democratic, nonviolent citizens' movement to humanize & demilitarize our foreign & domestic policies once & for all.