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(see also Pornography, Prositution, Homophobia, Catholic Theocracy, Christian Fundamentalism, Islamic Fundamentalism, Women in Islam, Jewish Fundamentalism, Rape, & War vs. Women)

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On the Web: Articles

Stealth Misogyny. Richard Goldstein, Village Voice (3/5/03). As practiced by Bush regime.

Is Paul the Father of Misogyny & Antisemitism? Patricia Eisenbaum, Cross Currents 50,4 (win 2000-01).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

In the Library: Articles

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Ackley, Katherine Ann (ed.) Misogyny in Literature: An Essay Collection (NY: Garland, 1992).

Bloch, H. Howard & Frances Ferguson (eds.) Misogyny, Misandry & Misanthropy (Berkeley: U. of California, 1989).

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Clack, Beverly (ed.) Misogyny in the Western Philosophical Tradition: A Reader (NY: Routledge, 1999).

Doane, Janice & Devon Hodges. Nostalgia & Sexual Difference: The Resistance to Contemporary Feminism (NY: Methuen, 1987).

Forward, Susan & Joan Torres. Men Who Hate Women & the Women Who Love Them (NY: Bantam, 1986).

Francke, Linda Bird. Ground Zero: The Gender Wars in the Military (NY: Simon & Schuster, 1997).

Gilmore, David D. Misogyny: The Male Malady (Philadelphia: U. of Pennsylvania, 2001).

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Koss, Mary P. & Others. No Safe Haven: Male Violence Against Women At Home, At Work, & In the Community (Washington: American Psychological Association, 1994)

MacKinnon, Kenneth. Misogyny in the Movies: The De Palma Question (Newark: U. of Delaware, 1990).

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Russell, Diana E.H. Dangerous Relationships: Pornography, Misogyny & Rape (Thousand Oaks
CA: Sage, 1998).

__________ & Roberta A. Harmes (eds.) Femicide in Global Perspective (NY: Teachers College, 2001).

Shlain, Leonard. The Alphabet vs. the Goddess: The Conflict Between Word & Image (NY: Viking, 1998).

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Ussher, Jane M. Women's Madness: Misogyny or Mental Illness? (NY: Harvester Wheatsheaf, 1991).

In the Library: Fiction

Atwood, Margaret. The Handmaid's Tale [1986] (NY: Anchor, 1998).

Highsmith, Patricia. Little Tales of Misogyny [1977] (NY: Penzler, 1986).

Hollon, Frank Turner. Life is a Strange Place: A Novel (San Francisco: McAdam/Cage, 2003).

Shua, Ana María. Cabras, mujeres y mulas: antología del odio/miedo a la mujer en la literatura popular (Buenos Aires: Sudamericana, 1998).

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CD & Audio

Film & Video

"In the Company of Men" [1997], dir. Neil LaBute, 97m.

"The Handmaid's Tale" [1990], dir. Volker Schlondorff, 109m.

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