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War vs. Women

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Campaign for Innocent Victims of Conflict (Marla Ruzicka).

FWCW Platform for Action on Women & Armed Conflict.

Women Against the War (Colombian group inspired by the kidnapping of Ingrid Betancourt).

Women Facing War (International Committee for the Red Cross).

In the Library: Articles

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Agger, Inger. The Blue Room: Trauma & Testimony among Refugee Women: A Psycho-Social Exploration (London: Zed, 1994).

Ahlberg, Nora. No Five Fingers are Alike: What Exiled Kurdish Women in Therapy Told Me (Oslo: Solum, 2000).

Amnesty International. Bosnia-Herzegovina: Rape & Sexual Abuse by Armed Forces (NY, 1993).

Berkin, Carol R. & Clara M. Lovett. Women, War & Revolution (NY: Holmes & Meier, 1980).

Cole, Ellen; Olivia M. Espin & Esther D. Rothblum (eds.) Refugee Women & their Mental Health: Shattered Societies, Shattered Lives (NY: Haworth, 1992).

Dombrowski, Nicole A. (ed.) Women & War in the 20th C.: Enlisted With or Without Consent (NY: Routledge, 2004).

Ensler, Eve. Necessary Targets: A Story of Women & War (NY: Villard, 2001). Bosnia.

Hackett, Beatrice Nied. Pray God & Keep Walking: Stories of Women Refugees (Jefferson MC: McFarland, 1996).

Jefferson, LaShawn (ed.) Seeking Protection: Addressing Sexual & Domestic Violence in Tanzania's Refugee Camps (NY: Human Rights Watch, 2000).

Lorentzen, Lois Ann & Jennifer Turpin (eds.) The Women & War Reader (NY: NYU, 1998).

Manchanda, Rita (ed.) Women, War, & Peace in South Asia: Beyond Victimhood to Agency (Thousand Oaks CA: Sage, 2001).

Martin, Susan Forbes. Refugee Women (Atlantic Highlands NJ: Zed, 1992).

Meintjes, Sheila; Anu Pillay & Meredeth Turshen. The Aftermath: Women in Post-War Transformation (NY: Zed, 2001).

Moussa, Helen. Storm & Sanctuary: The Journey of Ethiopian & Eritrean Women Refugees (Dundas ONT: Artemis, 1993).

Nikolic-Ristanovic, Vesna (ed.) Women, Violence, & War: Wartime Victimization of Refugees in the Balkans (Budapest: Central European U, 1999).

Quack, Sibylle (ed.) Between Sorrow & Strength: Women Refugees of the Nazi Period (Washington: German Historical Institute, 1995).

Quizar, Robin Ormes. My Turn to Weep: Salvadoran Refugee Women in Costa Rica (Westport CT: Bergin & Garvey, 1998).

Turshen, Meredeth & Clotilde Twagiramariya (eds.) What Women Do in Wartime: Gender & Conflict in Africa (NY: Zed, 1998).

Zarkovic, Radmila M. (ed.) I Remember = Sjecam Se: Writings by Bosnian Women Refugees (San Francisco: Aunt Lute, 1996).

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Film & Video

"At the End of a Gun: Women & War" [2000], dir. Emily Marlow, 24m. From Bullfrog Films.

"Rape as a Weapon of War" [1993], by Globalvision, 27m.

"War Crimes" [1993], by Globalvision, 27m.

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