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(see also Sexual Repression, Sexual Freedom, Child Abuse, Prostitution & Rape)

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On the Web: Articles

Mackinnon: Pornography is Oppression. The Ethical Spectacle (11/95).

Why the ACLU Opposes Censorship of Pornography (n.d.).

Pornography: Definition. From Russell, Dangerous Relationships.

On the Web: Specialized Sites

About-Face. Combats negative & distorted images of women in the media.

In the Library: Articles

Bishop, Katherine. "Porn in the USA: we may know it when we see it, but as a society we still disagree on what to do about it," California Lawyer 6,12 (12/86).

De Grazia, Edward. "Sex de jure," Nation (02/20/95): 242-249.

Greenhouse, Linda. "Court blocks law regulating Internet access to pornography," NY Times (6/30/04). Supreme Court impedes implementation of Child Online Protection Act until questions of whether criminal penalties are constitutional & if voluntary filters won't do the job is settled.

Lefevere, Patricia. “The thorny debate over art vs. pornography,” National Catholic Reporter (2/17/95):12.

Schlosser, Eric. "Empire of the obscene," New Yorker (3/10/03). Exploits of late Reuben Sturman, creator of modern "adult entertainment" industry, evading prosecution before porn became mainstream culture.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Allison, Anne. Permitted & Prohibited Desires: Mothers, Comics & Censorship in Japan (Berkeley: U. California, 2000).

Arcand, Bertrand. The Jaguar & the Anteater: Pornography Degree Zero (NY: Verso, 1993).

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Tisdale, Sallie. Talk Dirty to Me: An Intimate Philosophy of Sex (NY: Doubleday, 1995).

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CD & Audio

Film & Video

"Beyond Killing Us Softly: The Impact of Media Images on Women & Girls" [2000], dir. Margaret Lazarus & Renner Wunderlich, 34m. From Cambridge Documentary Films.

"Boogie Nights" [1998], dir. Paul Thomas Anderson, 155m. In video stores.

"A Drug Called Pornography" [2000], dir. Jonathan Schneider, 56m. From United Broadcast Group.

"Katie: Portrait of a Centerfold" (1978), dir. Robert Greenwald, 98m.

"Live Nude Girls Unite!: [2000], dir. Julia Query & Vicky Funari, 85m. From First Run Features.

"Portrait of a Stripper" (1979), dir. John A. Alonzo, 100m.

"Understanding the Harmful Effects of Pornography" [2000], dir. Jonathan Schneider, 45m. From United Broadcast Group.

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