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Restorative Justice

(see also Incarceration, Prison Reform, Prisoners' Rights Movement, Capital Punishment & Death Penalty Abolition)

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Balanced & Restorative Justice in Michigan.

Center for Restorative Justice & Peacemaking.

International Institute for Restorative Practices.

Justice Fellowship.

Real Justice.

Restorative Justice in Australia.

Restorative Justice Consortium (UK).

Restorative Justice Online.

Restorative Justice Project (Fresno Pacific U.).

Restorative Justice Site (Tom Cavanaugh).

Tariq Khamisa Foundation.

In the Library: Articles

Developing Restorative & Transformative Justice: A Church Response to Crime. Jim Consedine, Just Line (10/99).

Restored to What? Ruth Morris, Just Line (1988).

Picturing the Transformation Process. Frank M. Dunbaugh, Just Line (n.d.).

In the Library: Articles

McLaughlin, Abraham. "How a bullet led to the unlikeliest of friendships," Christian Science Monitor (10/30/03):1,10.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Bowen, Helen & Jim Consedine. Restorative Justice: Contemporary Themes & Practices (Lyttleton NZ: Plowshares, 1999).

Consedine, Jim. Restorative Justice: Healing the Effects of Crime (?:?, 1995).

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Graef, Roger (ed.)Why Restorative Justice?: Repairing the Harm Caused by Crime (London: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, 2000).

Hadley, Michael L. (ed.) The Spiritual Roots of Restorative Justice (Albany: SUNY, 2001).

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Morris, Allison & Gabrielle Maxwsell (eds.) Restorative Justice for Juveniles: Conferencing, Mediation & Circles (Portland OR: hart, 2001).

Roche, Declan. Accountability in Restorative Justice (NY: Oxford, 2003).

Strang, Heather. Repair or Revenge? Victims & Restorative Justice (NY: Oxford, 2002).

Sullivan, Dennis & Larry Tifft. Restorative Justice: Healing the Foundations of Our Everyday Lives (Monsey NY: Willow Tree, 2001).

von Hirsch, Andrew & others (eds.) Restorative Justice & Criminal Justice: Competing or Reconcilable Paradigms? (Portland OR: Hart, 2003).

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Zehr, Howard. The Little Book of Restorative Justice (?: Good Books, 2002).

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