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Prison Reform

(see also Incarceration, Capital Punishment, California Prisons, Death Penalty Abolition & Restorative Justice)

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On the Web: Articles

Tijuana's Live-In 'Prison Angel': American Nun Brings Hope to Inmates on Border, Mary Jordan, Washington Post (4/10/02). Nun lives in prison, aiding both guards and prisoners.

How We Got to Two Million. Vince Beiser, Mother Jones (7/10/01).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Books not Bars (Ella Baker Center). Focus on replacing scandal-ridden California Youth Authority.

California Coalition for Women Prisoners.

Critical Resistance. Promotes international movement of opposition to Prison Industrial Complex.

Debt to Society. Mother Jones (2004). Good intro to prison situation in US, including "Incarceration Atlas."

Families & Corrections Network.

Friends Outside.

Human Rights Watch Prison Project.

Jericho Movement. Amnesty for all political prisoners.

Justice Now. Works with women prisoners & local communities to build safe, compassionate world without prisons.

National Center on Institutions & Alternatives.

Prison Activist Resource Center (PARC).

Prison Legal News.

Prison Moratorium Project.

Prison Radio.

Prison Reform Advocacy Center.

Sentencing Project. Promotes reduced reliance on incarceration, more humane & effective alternatives to deal with crime.

Stop Prisoner Rape.

Tariq Khamisa Foundation.

In the Library: Articles

Maynard, Joyce. "Innocent abroad," Nation (1/13/03): 6-7,31.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Atkins, B. M. & H.R. Glick (eds.) Prisons, Protest, & Politics (Englewood Cliffs NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1972).

Barnett, Randy E. The Structure of Liberty: Justice & the Rule of Law (NY: Oxford, 1998).

Bianchi, Herman & René Swaaningen (eds.) Abolitionism: Toward a Non-Repressive Approach to Crime (Amsterdam: Free U., 1986).

Carlie, Michael K. & Kevin I. Minor (eds.) Prisons Around the World: Studies in International Penology (Dubuque IA: William C. Brown, 1992).

Davis, Angela Y. Are Prisons Obsolete? (NY: Seven Stories, 2003).

Fliter, John A. Prisoners' Rights: The Supreme Court & Evolving Standards of Decency (Westport CT: Greenwood, 2001).

Freedman, Estelle B. Their Sisters' Keepers: Women's Prison Reform in America, 1830-1930 (Ann Arbor: U. of Michigan, 1984).

Knight, Barbara B. & Stephen T. Early, Jr. Prisoners' Rights in America (Chicago: Nelson-Hall, 1986).

Knopp, Fay Honey & others. Instead of Prisons: A Handbook for Abolitionists (Syracuse NY: Prison Research Education Action Project, 1976).

Matthews, Roger & Peter Francis (eds.) Prisons 2000: An International Perspective on the Current State & Future of Imprisonment (NY: St. Martins, 1996).

Miller, Jerome G. Alternatives to Incarceration: A Dream Deferred (Vermillion: South Dakota, 1994).

Pepinsky, Harold E. The Geometry of Violence & Democracy (Bloomington: Indiana U., 1991). The only path away from crime & violence is to replace them with democratic interaction.

__________ & Richard Quinney (eds.) Criminology as Peacemaking (Bloomington: Indiana U., 1991). Alternatives to military model of "war" on crime.

Previte, Mary Taylor. Hungry Ghosts: One Woman's Mission to Change their World (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1994). Reforming juvenile detention homes in New Jersey.

Soering, Jens. An Expensive Way to Make Bad People Worse: An Essay on Prison Reform from an Insider's Perspective (NY: Lantern, 2004).

Tonry, Michael. Thinking about Crime: Sense & Sensibility to American Penal Culture (NY: Oxford, 2003).

In the Library: Fiction

Palacek, Mike. KGB (Baltimore: Publish America, 2001). Iowa prisoners, a professor & an underground radio station conspire to bring justice to America.

In the Library: For Young Readers

In the Library: Poetry

In the Library: Drama

In the Library: Photography

CD & Audio

"Love Light," by Eddie Robertson. Umoja Men's Chorus, Wilmington College at Warren Correctional Institution.

Film & Video

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