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Capital Punishment

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The death penalty, long since abolished in most democratic countries as a violation of human rights that is ineffective in detering homicide, was suspended in 1972 by the US Supreme court as an arbitrarily administered form of cruel & unusual punishment. Following the redrafting of state laws it was reinstated by the Court as a legal form of punishment in 1976. Michigan was the first territory in the world to abolish capital punishment in 1846; today fourteen US states & the District of Colombia forbid it. In the remaining thirty-three more than 800 people had been put death since 1976; & in 2002 the Federal Government executed its first two prisoners since 1976. The cost to society of capital prosecutions is much greater than the cost of maintaining the same prisoners under life sentence without possibility of parole.

On the Web: Articles

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Dante & the Death Penalty. Matthew Pearl, Legal Affairs (1-2/03). How capital punishment fails its audience.

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Death Trip: The American Way of Execution. Robert Sherrill, Nation (12/21/00).

Living & Dying with Dobie Williams. Sr. Helen Prejean, Touchstone (2-3/00).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

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CD & Audio

Film & Video

"Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer" [1994], dir. Nick Broomfield, 87m. Media exploitation, police corruption & ineffectual counsel.

"Aileen: Life & Death of a Serial Killer" [2003], dir. Nick Broomfield & Joan Churchill, 89m. Second documentary on highway prostitute who killed seven men & was executed in 2002.

"The Back of the World (La espalda del mundo)" [2000], dir. Javier Corcuera, 89m. Includes
segment on Mississippi death row inmates & their families.

"Capote" [2005], dir. Bennett Miller, 98m. In video stores. Story of Truman Capote's research & writing of In Cold Blood, about crime & punishment of two serial killers in 1950s Kansas.

"Cell 2455 Death Row" [1955], dir. Fred F. Sears, 77m. In video stores. Based on memoir of executed "Lover's Lane Bandit," Caryl Chessman.

"Dead Man Walking [1996], dir. Tim Robbins, 122m. In video stores. Searing examination of both sides of death-penalty debate, based on Sr. Helen Prejean's memoir.

"Mr. Death: The Rise & Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr." [1999], dir. Errol Morris, 91m. In video stores. Story of leading US authority on execution devices, later an expert Holocaust denier.

"Monster" [2003], dir. Patty Jenkins, 109m. In video stores. Powerful dramatization of Aileen Wuornos case.

"Monster's Ball" [2001], dir. Marc Forster, 111m. In video stores. Racist prison guard/executioner falls in love with African-American widow of last man he has put to death.

"My Cousin Vinny" [1992], dir. Jonathan Lynn, 120m. In video stores. Light-hearted portrayal of a capital trial in Alabama.

"The Thin Blue Line" [1988], dir. Errol Morris. Said to have saved life of wrongly convicted Texas death row inmate Randall Dale Adams.

"The Widow of St.-Pierre (La veuve de St.-Pierre" [2000], dir. Patrice Leconte, 112m. In video stores. Murder, execution & redemption by love in mid-19th c. French North Atlantic.

"We are All Murderers (Nous sommes tous des assassins" [1952], dir. André Cayatte, 113m. Anti- death penalty drama of World War II resistance fighter, who continues killing in peacetime & is condemned to death.

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