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Russia: Soviet Regime 1925-1953 (Stalin Era)

(see also Russia, Russia: Bolshevik Revolution, Russia: Stalin, Russia since 1990, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Moldova , Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgizstan & Central Asia General)

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In the Library: Articles

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In the Library: Fiction

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In the Library: Poetry

Conquest, Robert (ed.) Back to Life: Poems from Behind the Iron Curtain (London: Hutchinson, 1958).

In the Library: Photography

CD & Audio:

Film & Video:

"Burnt By the Sun" [1995], dir. Nikita Mikhalkov, 134m. In video stores.

"Children of Siberia" [2001], dir. Dzintra Geka, 53m. Children of the 15,000 Latvians deported to Siberia in 1941.

"Eisenstein & Stalin: When Art & Politics Clash" [199?], by?, 59m. From Films for the Humanities & Sciences. Detailed examination of the influence of authoritarian policies on the great filmmaker's work.

"The End of a Revolution" [199?], by ?, 30m. From Films for the Humanities & Sciences. 30m. On transformation of Bolshevik Revolution into a totalitarian state during 1930s, & its human cost.

"Lenin & His Legacy" [199?], by ?, 30m. From Films for the Humanities & Sciences. .

"The Murder of Sergei Kirov: Assassination or Crime of Passion?" [199?], by Opus Television for S4C, 25m. Examines murder of popular Communist Party leader in 1934, & relentless purges that followed.

"Sergei Eisenstein" [199?], by ?, 56m. From Films for the Humanities & Sciences. Rich documentary on life & work of the pioneering filmmaker.

"Siberiade" [1979], dir. Andrei Mikhalkov-Koncharovski, 2 reels 115m & 91m. In video stores.

"Widow of the Revolution: The Anna Larina Story" [1999], dir. Rosemarie Reed, 56m. From Filmakers Library.

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