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Russia since 1990

(see also Russia: Bolshevik Revolution, Russia: Soviet Regime, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldava & Russia: Chechnya)

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On the Web: Articles

Of Caviar & Capitalism. Russell Mokhiber & Robert Weissman. Conscious Choice (2/03). Decline of sturgeon populations in Caspian Sea.

Russia's Capitalists Seek to Discard Collective Farms. Stephen Lee Meyers, NY Times (6/20/02).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Pravda. English-language edition.

In the Library: Articles

Bivens, Matt. "Laundering Yeltsin: How US hypocrisy feeds Russian corruption," Nation (10/4/99):11-15.

Biziukov, Petr & Simon Clarke. "Privatization in Russia: the road to people's capitalism?" Monthly Review 44,6 (11/92):38-45.

Brumberg, Abraham. "All the President's men," Nation (3/27/00):25-28. Review essay on Aron, Yeltsin.

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Doder, Dusko. "Russia's Potemkin leader," Nation (1/29/01):27-. On Boris Yeltsin.

Figes, Orlando. "In search of Russia," NY Review of Books (10/23/03):37-39. Reviews essay on Service, Experiment & Meier, Black Earth.

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Hersh, Seymour. "The wild east," Atlantic Monthly (6/94):61-76. Organized crime in Russia.

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Kane, Hal. "Who speaks for Siberia?" World Watch (3-4/02):14-23. Exploitation by ruling kleptocracy of region's forests, fish & minerals is resisted by local grassroots groups.

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__________. "Grabitization (don't look)," Nation (6/10/02):25-29. Harshly critical review essay on Hoffman, Oligarchs & Aslund, Building Capitalism.

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In the Library: Non-Fiction Books:

Adler, Nanci. The Gulag Survivor: Beyond the Soviet System (New Brunswick NJ, 2002).

Ali, Tariq. Revolution from Above: Where is the Soviet Union Going? (London: Hutchinson, 1989).

Aron, Leon. Yeltsin: A Revolutionary Life (NY: St. Martin's,2000).

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Brym, Robert J. The Jews of Moscow, Kiev & Minsk: Identity, Antisemitism, Emigration (NY: NYU, 1994).

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Buzgalin, Alexander & Andrei Kolganov. Bloody October in Moscow: Political Repression in the Name of Reform (NY: Monthly Review, 199?).

Cohen, Stephen F. Failed Crusade: America and the Tragedy of Post-Communist Russia (NY: Norton, 2001).

Copetas, A. Craig. Bear Hunting with the Politburo: American Adventures in Russian Capitalism [1991] (Lanham MD: Madison, 2001).

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Ellman, Michael & Vladimir Kontorovich (eds.) The Destruction of the Soviet Economic System. An Insider's History (Armonk NY, 1998).

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__________ with Vyacheslav Igrunov & Sergei Mitnokhin. The Rebirth of Politics in Russia (NY: Cambridge U., 1997).

Volkov, Vadim. Violent Entrepreneurs: The Use of Force in the Making of Russian Capitalism (Ithaca NY: Cornell U., 2002).

Wedel, Janine R. Collision & Collusion. The Strange Case of Western Aid to Eastern Europe (NY, 1999).

Yeltsin, Boris. Midnight Diaries (NY: Public Affairs, 2000).

In the Library: Fiction

Berberova, Nina. The Accompanist (trans. ? Schwartz; NY: New Directions, 2003).

Pelevin, Victor. A Werewolf Problem in Central Russia & Other Stories (NY: New Directions, 2003).

CD & Audio:

Film & Video:

"Boris Yeltsin: A Legacy of Change" [199?], by ?, 87m. From Films for the Humanities & Sciences.

"Gorbachev & the Fall of the Soviet Union" [199?], by ?, 58m. From Films for the Humanities & Sciences.

"Luna Park" [1991], dir. Pavel Lounguine, 105m. From New Yorker Films. Post-communist society.

"The New Russia" [200?], by ?, 20m. each. From Films for the Humanities & Sciences. 5-part series: "Moscow Region," life for 10 million inhabitants of capital; "Kuzbass," industrialization in Siberia; "Volga River," hydroelectric dams & river system management; "Steppes of North Caucasus," wheat farming & privatization; "Norilsk: Life in the Arctic," strip-mining on tundra.

"Post-Soviet Russia: Promises Deferred" [199?], by ?, 55m. From Films for the Humanities & Sciences. Privatization & "free enterprise" at work Gorky. Mafia & nouveaux riches vs. ordinary citizens, "reform" advocates vs. neo-Communists.

"Privatizing Soviet Collective Farms" [199?], by ?, 26m. From Films for the Humanities & Sciences. Explores key issue in reorganization of Russian society.

"The Return (Vozvrashcheniye)" [2003], dir. Andrei Zvyagintsev, 105m. In video stores. Long-missing father returns to take sons on wilderness fishing trip.

"Russian Revolutions: Sex, Lies & Nuclear Weapons" [200?], by ABC Television, 61m. From Films for the Humanities & Sciences. Ted Koppel on prostitution, AIDS, resistance to contraception, media privatization & impoverished state of military.

"Russian Revolutions: The Heavy Hand of Corruption" [200?], by ABC Television, 71m. From Films for the Humanities & Sciences. Ted Koppel, millionaire kingmaker Boris Berezovsky & Vladimir Putin on extent of this problem & measures to deal with it.

"A Very Russian Coup" [199?], by ?, 58m. From Films for the Humanities & Sciences. Interviews Soviet military leaders who took over government in 8/91: patriotism or treason?

"Soviet Disunion: Ten Years that Shook the World" [200?], dir. ?, 55m. Glasnost, perestroika, Gorbachev, Yeltsin, crime & corruption, military decay.

"Widow of the Revolution: The Anna Larina Story" (1999), dir. Rosemarie Reed, 56m. From Filmakers Library.

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