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On the Web: Articles

The Challenge to the Two-State Solution. Gary Sussman, Middle East Report (sum 04).

Two Magic Phrases. Amira Hass, Ha'aretz (6/23/04).

Disengaged from Reality. Amira Hass, Ha'aretz (6/2/04).

A Journey to Rafah. Jennifer Loewenstein, CounterPunch (1/16/04). Followed by her earlier reports from Gaza Strip, dating back to 2001.

Mahmoud, 10, Went Looking for Songbirds & Died in a Hail of Bullets. Justin Huggler, Independent (11/8/03).

Occupation & Terrorism: Conversation with Amira Hass. Harry Kreisler, Conversations with History (10/24/03).

The Misleading Term "Fence". Amira Hass, Ha'aretz (7/16/03).

Israel Can Halt This Now. Oona King, Guardian (6/12/03).

Road Map or Road Kill? Rashid Khalidi, Nation (6/9/03).

War on Iraq Will Intensify Palestinian Suffering. Neve Gordon, National Catholic Reporter (2/28/03).

Palestinian Pacifism. John Bacher, Peace Magazine (10-12/02).

The Push for War. Anatol Lieven, London Review of Books (10/3/02). Brilliant critique of the world view & militarist foreign policy of the "think tank" intellectuals surrounding the Bush administration, in which Israel plays a very large role.

Jews Only Law Sparks Firestorm, Bradley Burston, Ha'aretz (7/16/02) Proposed law allows Jews to bar Arabs from buying homes; recalls now-rescinded UN resolution equating Zionism and racism

Against Israeli Apartheid, Desmond Tutu & Ian Urbina, Nation (7/15/02) Life in the occupied territories mirrors life in apartheid South Africa

The BUSHARON Global War, Lev Grinberg, Independent Media Center (7/7/02). Bush needs Sharon for a war on Iraq.

For Palestinians, land is shrinking,Tim Golden, NY Times (in Int'l Herald Tribune) (7/5/02). Settlements grow thanks to elaborate but hard to trace system of government incentives, & powerful network of political support.

Independence and Terrorism, Todd May, Ramallah Online (7/4/02). Put colonial America in place of Palestine, & your attitude towards Israel may change.

Obituary for the Oslo Accords, Francis Boyle, Counterpunch (7/3/02). US & Israel have never seriously sought just peace with Palestine.

Study: High Trauma Rate Among Palestinian, Settlers' Children, Ha'aretz, (7/2/02). 70 % of West Bank Palestinians & 30% of Jewish settlement children suffer anxiety, nightmares, eating disorders & sense of loss, the symptoms of post-traumatic stress.

The Middle East - in Alabama?, Mitch Frank, Time (6/29/02). In post 9/11 era, Congressmember loses re-election due to support for Palestine.

From LBJ to GWB: Full Story of Resolution 242, Kathleen Christison, Counterpunch (6/28/02). Ex-CIA analyst details how US reneged on Oslo promise of land for peace.

Jobless in Gaza, Amira Hass, Ha'aretz (6/28/02). Palestinian workers who've lost jobs due to closures organize & protest.

How Arafat Failed Israeli Interests, Robert Fisk, Counterpunch (6/26/02). Bush call for Arafat's ouster shows that US offers Palestinians nothing but subjugation.

Bush: Off With Arafat's Head, Samuel Bahour & Michael Dahan, Counterpunch (6/25/02). Bush speech reveals US surrender of Middle East policy to Sharon.

Palestinian Elections Now, Edward Said, Counterpunch (6/17/02). The only legitimate call for Palestinian elections is that coming from Palestinians

Palestinians Critical of Bush's Plan for an Interim State. James Bennett, NY Times (6/15/02). No sign that minimum demands will be taken into account.

Indefinite Siege, Amira Hass, Counterpunch (reprinted from Ha'aretz) (6/13/02). Effect of Israeli siege & pass system on Palestine and Palestinians.

Solution to this Filthy War: Foreign Occupation, Robert Fisk, Counterpunch (5/8/02). May be the only way.

What Israel Has Done, Edward Said, Nation (5/6/02). Israel's actions vs. Palestinians not merely "anti-terrorist;" bent on destruction of Palestinians as a people, & as a national entity.

Sharon the Merciless and Arafat the Corrupt, Robert Fisk, Counterpunch (5/4/02). Arafat can't control ‘his’ people; Sharon can't protect "his", so peace is as far away as ever.

Jenin War Crimes Investigation Needed, Human Rights Watch (5/3/02). Israeli actions at Jenin should be investigated as war crimes.

Armey Calls for Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians, Counterpunch (5/2/02). Transcript of Texas Congressman's call on "Hardball" TV show for removal of Palestinians from their homeland.

Inside Gaza, Kristin Schurr, Counterpunch (5/1/02). Israeli occupation turns Gaza into prison.

Making the Blooms Desert, Jessica McCallin, Red Pepper (rec'd 5/02). Why Israel won't abandon occupation.

The Last Negotiation, Hussein Agha & Robert Malley, Foreign Affairs (6/02). Incremental solutions don't work; Israel/Palestine must be presented with non-negotiable, final agreement.

Ending the Death Dance, Richard Falk, Nation (4/29/02). Bush response to 9/11, with failures of other administrations, has escalated conflict.

The Isle of Polyphemus, Wole Soyinka, Nation (4/29/02). Nigerian authors observations in Israel/Palestine.

Is There a Way Out? Occupation, Terror & Understanding, Daniel Bar-Tal, Counterpunch (4/22/02). Israeli shares fears & frustrations about deteriorating situation.

View From Beirut, by Robert Fisk, Nation (4/22/02). Why does America ignore Saudi peace plan?

What Kind of War Is This? Amira Hass, Ha'Aretz (4/19/02). Israeli reporter describes atrocities in Jenin (why can't US media do the same?)

Fear & Learning in America, Robert Fisk, Independent (4/16/02). Some Americans question US role; media doesn't.

America's Phoniest Liberal? John Chuckman, Counterpunch (4/10/02). NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman's views on Palestinian suicide bombings indistinguishable from those of right-wing extremists.

We Bought And Paid For Carnage of Palestinians, Robert Jensen, Houston Chronicle (4/9/02). US Taxpayers funding Israeli military agression.

Jews May Not Want to Look at This, Robert Fisk, Independent (4/7/02). Conversation with Auschwitz survivor living at site of 1948 massacre of Palestinians that triggered the refugee crisis at heart of current conflict.

Is Israel Preparing to Dismantle the Palestinian Authority? Ellis Shuman, Centre for Research on Globalization (4/7/02).

The Bloody Battle of Bethlehem, Robert Fisk, Independent Media Center (4/5/02). Details recent killings.

Israel Runs Risks With Assault on Its "Deputy Sheriff," Tim Llewellyn, The Scotsman (4/3/02). Arafat's exile or confinement will intensify Palestinian demand for end to occupation.

Bush Fiddles While Middle East Burns, Robert Scheer, Nation (4/2/02). Bush wrong to abandon US role in search for peace in Middle East.

Palestine, Palestinians, and International Law, Francis A. Boyle (3/29/02).

America's Morality Has Been Distorted by September 11, Robert Fisk, Independent Media Center (3/10/02). Is anarchy in Afghanistan & continuing slaughter in Middle East our memorial to victims of 9/11 attacks?

Israeli troops turn homes upside down, Daniel Williams, Wash Post (3/9/02). Retaliation from receiving end.

A New Current in Palestine, Edward Said, Nation (2/24/02). Palestinians, independent of Arafat and/or his Islamist opponents, speak up for peace and statehood.

Israel must end the occupation, Robert Jensen, Austin American-Statesman (2/2/02). ‘Secret’ to peace is an end to illegal occupation of territory.

Emerging Alternatives in Palestine, Edward Said, Al-Ahram (1/10/02). Palestinian goal must be to end Illegal Israeli occupation of territories, not negotiate improvements.

Is Israel More Secure Now? Edward Said, Counterpunch (1/4/02). Press treatment of Palestinian terror always overlooks central fact of illegal Israeli occupation. Arafat weakened; who are other major Palestinian actors?

Law and Disorder in the Middle East, Francis A. Boyle (1/02). Oslo a blueprint for Palestinian Bantustans.

And Darkness Covered The Land, Robert Friedman, Nation (12/24/01). Report on post-Oslo chances for peace.

I find myself instinctively on the other side of power. Edward Said, Guardian Books (12/10/01). Remarks on fundamentalism, the Middle East & his Reflections on Exile.

Abroad at Home; Hope Against Hope. Anthony Lewis, NY Times (12/8/01). Israeli military reprisals won't halt terrorist attacks or resolve conflict; political solution required.

Suicidal Ignorance. Edward Said, Al-Ahram (11/15/01). US insistence on domestic unity stifles dissent & makes policy more uncritically pro-Israeli than ever.

A pilgrim's guide to Bethlehem. Robin Wainwright, Middle East Forum (10/27/01). Deaths of Palestinians at hands of Israeli snipers over a ten day period.

Battle of the Books in Palestine, Fouad Moughrabi, Nation (10/1/01). Right wing claims that Palestinian textbooks foment anti-Israeli agression are false, but educational aid to Palestine is still withdrawn.

If All Rabbis Were Like Arik Ascherman, Pat McDonnell Twair, Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (10/01). Director of Rabbis for Human Rights discusses transition from war protester to war resister.

A Gaza Diary: Scenes from the Palestinian Uprising. Chris Hedges, Harper's (10/01).

The Desertion of Arafat. Edward Said, New Left Review (9-10/01). US/Israeli drive to crush Palestinians continues; Arafat's corrupt & irresponsible leadership must end.

Collective passion. Edward Said, Al-Ahram 552 (9/20/01). Instead of urging reflection, press fans war frenzy without thought for long- term consequences.

Amira Hass: Life Under Israeli Occupation. Robert Fisk, Independent (8/26/01).

Letter from Palestine, Roane Carey, Nation (7/23/01). What are conditions that produce suicide bombings?

All the Way from the Sea to the River. Amira Hass, Ha'aretz [ZMagazine] (5/30/01) . Palestinians & the plan for achieving a Greater Israel through settlement.

Field of Thorns, Mouin Rabbini, Nation (2/22/01). Character of current intifada & its relationship to Arafat.

Waiting for Sharon, Graham Usher, Nation (2/19/01). Differing Palestinian reactions to election of Sharon.

Middle East Divide, Graham Usher, Nation (12/25/00). Rift between Palestinian and Israeli peace groups; differences in understanding of Oslo accords.

Time of the Intifada, Robert Fisk, Nation (11/20/00). Why can't U.N. Resolution 242 be implemented?

The Al Aqsa Intifada & Israel's Apartheid: The US Military & Economic Role in the Violation of Palestinian Human Rights. National Lawyers Guild.

The End of Oslo, Edward Said, Nation (10/30/00). Oslo accords, flawed from beginning, have done nothing to end Israeli brutality and Palestinian response.

Blaming Arik Last, Eric Alterman, Nation (10/30/00). Roots of current conflict lie in fact that Oslo accords offered no guarantee of Palestinian self-determination, full equality or end to Israeli military occupation.

What Price Palestine? Michael Young, Nation (1/3/00). Memoirs of Abu Daoud, architect of Munich Olympics hostage-taking.

Barak Appoints War Criminal Yaron, Francis A. Boyle (11/99).

Palestinians on Hold, Graham Usher (5/24/99). Arafat decides not to declare Palestinian statehood on 5/4/99.

A Letter From Jerusalem, Nicholas Goldberg, Nation (11/23/98).

An Orphaned People, Edward Said, Nation (5/4/98). Despite Oslo, settlements & Palestinian anguish growing.

Israel Must Accept Equality in Peace Accord, Rima Askalan G, The Tech (10/1/96). Oslo creates isolated West-Bank ghettos for Palestinians; Israeli settlements still expanding.

Oslo Accord Contains Only Cosmetic Changes. Janet McMahon & Greg Noakes, Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (6/95). Interview w/Israel peace activist critical of Oslo Accords.

Oslo I: Declaration of Principles on Interim Self-Government Arrangements (9/13/93). Text of Oslo Accords.

U.N. Security Council Resolution 338 (10/22/73). Response to Yom Kippur War: implement Resolution 242.

U.N. Security Council Resolution 242 (11/22/67). Response to Six Day War of 6/67, & the cornerstone for peace efforts ever since.

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Al Bawaba: Middle East Gateway. Section for each country.

Arab American Republicans Against Bush.

From Occupied Palestine. Indispensable collection of first-hand reports from West Bank & Gaza.

International Crisis Group. Monitors ongoing conflicts.

Information Sources

Al-Ahram Weekly. Venerable English-language Cairo paper, major source for Palestine news.


Arabic News.

Articles by Samuel Bahour.

Bitter Lemons. Palestinian-Israeli crossfire.

Global Exchange.

Guardian Weblog: Israel & the Intifada.

Independent Media Center-Palestine.

International Solidarity Movement.

Nation articles on Middle East.

Middle East Children's Alliance.

Middle East Research & Information Project. Publishes MERIP Report, an indispensable source.

Mideast Watch (ZNet).

Palestine Chronicle.

Palestine Times Monthly.

Parents' Circle.

Peace Watch.

Ramallah Online. Independent news digest.

International Research & Solidarity Groups

BBC Middle East Coverage.

European Palestine Israel Centre. Multi-perspective website on the Middle East.

Global Connections: The Middle East. PBS resources for the study of Middle East issues.

Global Exchange (Palestine Human Rights Campaign).

Institute for Palestine Studies.

International Forum for Justice & Peace in Palestine. Network of organizations promoting peaceful co-existence of an Israeli & a Palestinian state.

Journal of Palestine Studies.

The Middle East: Are We All Blinded by Bias?. Media treatment of Middle East topics.

Mideast Just Peace. Very active solidarity group based in Traverse City, Michigan.

US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation.

In the Library: Articles

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__________. “Unofficial peace push in Mideast,” Christian Science Monitor (1/5/03): 1, 11. Dovish Israelis rally with Palestinians grassroots style.

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In the Library: Fiction

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In the Library: For Young Readers

In the Library: Poetry

Darwish, Mahmoud. The Adam of Two Edens: Poems (ed.s. Munir Akash & Daniel Moore; Syracuse, 2002).Influential poet, publishing since mid-1960's. See Taline Voskeritchian rev. in Nation (2/11/02).

In the Library: Drama

In the Library: Photography

Fabiano, Gary. "Dead-end crossing" (text by Amy Wilentz), Mother Jones (5-6/02):62-67. Checkpoints along West Bank-Israel border as "surreal zones of waiting & antagonism."

CD & Audio

Film & Video

"Arab Diaries: Birth" [2001], dir. Suheir Farraj, Abbas Hashim & Abeer Esber, 26m. From First Run/Icarus. Issues for women surrounding birth in Iraq, Syria & Palestine.

"Arab Diaries: Work" [2001], dir. Ghalia Sheikh, Lubna Haddad, Abbas Hashim & Raed Helou, 26m. From First Run/Icarus. Hope & aspirations of Iraqi, Syrian & Palestinian men & women, as expressed in dreams of flying.

"Bethlehem Diary" [2001], dir. Antonia Caccia, 60m. From First Run/Icarus. Two Palestinian families & an Israeli human rights lawyer confront IDF repression of the 2nd Intifada.

"The Bombing" [1999], dir. Simone Bitton, 59m. From First Run/Icarus. Story of a suicide bombing, seen through interviews with families of victims & perpetrators.

"Canticle of the Stones" [1990], dir. Michel Khleifi, 110m. Arab Film. Lyrical story of lovers separated by imprisonment for political activity.

"Children of Shatila" (1998), dir. Mai Masri. 50 mins. From Middle East Children's Alliance. Children with video cameras record history & daily life in 50-yr. old refugee camp in Lebanon.

“Chronicle of a Disappearance” [1996], dir. Elia Suleiman, 88m. Meditation on exile, return & spiritual effects of political instability. From Arab Film.

"A Child's Century of War" [2001], dir. Shelley Saywell, 90m. From First Run/Icarus. Accounts in children's voices of conflicts in Chechnya, Sierra Leone & the West Bank.

"Close, Closed, Closure" [2002], dir. Ram Loevy, 52m. From First Run/Icarus. Gaza, since 1948 a desolate 288-sq. mile prison with a million hopeless inmates & 60% unemployment.

"The Color of Olives" [2006], dir. Carolina Rivas, 97m. From Arab Film.

"Crimes of Honour" [1998], dir. Shelley Saywell, 44m. From First Run/Icarus. Femicide in the West Bank & Jordan.

"Crossing Kalandia" [?}, dir. Sobhi al-Zobaidi,"?m.

"Cup Final" [1992], dir. Eran Riklis, 107m. Israeli soldier captured by PLO, relationships developing around enthusiasm for soccer. From Arab Film.

"Divine Intervention" [2002], dir. Elia Suleiman, 92m. From Arab Film. Love under Israeli occupation.

"Fertile Memory" [1980], dir. Michel Khleifi, 99m. From Arab Film. Two strong women's lives under military occupation.

"Frontier of Dreams and Fears" (2001), dir. Mai Masri. From Middle East Children's Alliance. Two Palestinian refugee girls journey to border separating them from homeland & each other.

"Gaza Strip" [2002], dir. James Longley, ?m.

"Human Weapon" [2002], dir. Ilan Ziv, 55m. From First Run/Icarus. Examines new tactic of "suicide bombing" in conflicts in Iran, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Israel, Palestine, Europe & the US.

"Jenin...Jenin" [2002], dir. ?, ?m. Documentary on devastating Israeli attack against Jenin refugee camp.

"The Milky Way" [1997], dir. Ali Nassar, 104m. From Arab Film. Arab village life in Gallilee, 1964.

"Naji Al-Ali: An Artist with Vision" [1999], dir. Kasim Abid, 52m. From First Run/Icarus. Profile of brilliant Palestinian political cartoonist assassinated in London in 1987.

"Palestine is Still the Issue" [2002], dir. John Pilger, ?m.

"Paradise Now" [2005], dir. Hany Abu-Assad, 91m. From Arab Film. Explores background & motivations of two young suicide bombers.

"People & the Land" [1997], by Tom Hayes, 57m. From Diverse Media Zone. Explores U.S. complicity in sufferings of Palestinans.

"Private" [2004], dir. Saverio Constanzo, 90m. From Arab Film.

"Promises" [2001], dirs. B.Z. Goldberg, Justine Shapiro & Carlos Bolado. Inspiring, hopeful docudrama on interactions of seven Israeli & Palestinian children in Jerusalem, 1997-2000.

"The Settlers" [2002], dir. Ruth Walk, 58m. From First Run/Icarus. Profiles the seven Orthodox Jewish families of Tel Rumeida settlement in Hebron.

“Stories of Honor & Shame” [1996] dir. Antonia Caccia. Muslim women in Gaza.

"Stuck with the Truth" [2002], dir. ?, 30m. Palestinian Christians of Sabeel Ecumenical Center in Jerusalem & Nazareth. From Mennonite Central Committee.

"Women Under Siege" [1982], dir. Marilyn Gaunt, 26m. From First Run/Icarus. Story of big Rashadiyah Palestinian refugee camp in Southern Lebanon, leveled by Israeli bombing in 1982.

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