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(see also Palestine before 1948, Israel 1948-1968, Israel since 1968, Palestine 1948-1968 & Palestine since 1968).

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Jerusalem Today (map).

On the Web: Articles

Look for a Future Palestine in the Past. George Bisharat, San Francisco Chronicle (12/19/04).

Rite of Return to a Palestinian Home. George Bisharat, San Francisco Chronicle (5/18/03).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Ha'aretz (English edition).

Jerusalem Post (English-language paper).

Jerusalem Quarterly File.

Stop the Wall Campaign.

In the Library: Articles

Abowd, Thomas. "Jerusalem: colonized space in a "post-colonial" age," MERIP Report 217 (win 2000).

Aziz, N. Barbara. “Palestinians restricted in their own city,” National Catholic Reporter (6/30/05): 13. Israel gradually takes control of Jerusalem.

Gaouette, Nicole. "Jerusalem's growing web of walls," Christian Science Monitor (10/6/03):11,12.

Goldberg, Nicholas. "A letter from Jerusalem," Nation (11/23/98):23-25.

Gordon, Neve. “Where are the peaceniks?” Nation (4/29/02): 4-5. Blatant racism in Israel, feeding on fear of suicide bombings, is changing Jerusalem landscape.

__________. “Up against the wall” National Catholic Reporter (11/7/03): 17. On 11/ 9, International Day against the Wall, protestors will celebrate fall of Berlin wall & condemn construction of new wall between Israel & occupied West Bank.

Hoffman, Bruce. "Aftermath," Atlantic (1-2/04):41-3. On city's personnel & procedures for cleaning up after a suicide bombing.

Shavit, Ari. "No man's land," New Yorker (12/9/02):56-60. The idea of the city disappears.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Armstrong, Karen. Jerusalem: One City, Three Faiths (NY, 1997).

Benvenisti, Meron. Jerusalem, the Torn City (Minneapolis: U. Minnesota, 1976).

__________. City of Stone: The Hidden History of Jerusalem (Berkeley: U. California, 1996).

Cheshin, Amir; Bill Hutman & Avi Melamed. Separate & Unequal: The Inside Story of Israeli Rule in East Jerusalem (Cambridge MA, 1999).

Cline, Eric H. Jerusalem Besieged: From Ancient Canaan to Modern Israel (Ann Arbor: U. of Michigan, 2004).

Elon, Amos. Jerusalem: City of Mirrors (Boston: Little, Brown, 1989).

__________. Jerusalem: Battlegrounds of Memory (NY: Kodansha International, 1995).

Hazleton, Lesley. Jerusalem, Jerusalem. A Memoir of War & Peace, Passion & Politics (NY: Penguin, 1987).

Hoffman, Adina. House of Windows: Portraits from a Jerusalem Neighborhood (South Royalton VT: Steerforth, 2000).

Karmi, Ghada (ed.) Jerusalem Today: What Future for the Peace Process? (Reading, Berkshire: Ithaca, 1996).

Klein, Menachem. Jerusalem: The Contested City (NY: NYU, 2002).

Quigley, John B. Jerusalem West & East: The Question of Sovereignty (Washington: American Committee on Jerusalem, 1996).

Sarna, Igal. The Man Who Fell Into a Puddle: Israeli Lives (NY: Pantheon, 2002). Israeli columnist's poignant pen-portraits of a startlingly diverse group of fellow-citizens & their travails.

Schleifer, Abdullah. The Fall of Jerusalem (NY: Monthly Review, 1972). Eyewitness account of the 1967 June War.

Segal, Jerome M. Is Jerusalem Negotiable? (Jerusalem: IPCRI, 1997).

Segev, Tom. Elvis in Jerusalem: Post-Zionism & the Americanization of Israel (NY: Metropolitan, 2002).

Shepherd, Naomi. The Mayor & the Citadel: Teddy Kollek & Jerusalem (London: Wiedenfeld & Nicolson, 1987).

Tamari, Salim. Jerusalem 1948: The Arab Neighborhoods and their Fate in the War (Jerusalem, 1998).

__________. Ottoman Jerusalem (?:?, 2002).

__________ & Issam Nassar. Mandate Jerusalem in the Memoirs of Wasif Jawahariyyeh (?:?, 2005).

__________. Pilgrims, Lepers, & Stuffed Cabbage: Essays on the Cultural History of Ottoman & Mandate Jerusalem (?:?, 2005).

In the Library: Fiction

Casper, Lionel I. The Agreement: The Epic Struggle for the Temple Mount (Hewlett NY: Gefen, 1996).

d'Alpuget, Blanche. Winter in Jerusalem (NY: Simon & Schuster, 1986).

Kellerman, Jonathan. The Butcher's Theater (NY: Bantam, 1988).

King, Laurie. O Jerusalem (NY: Bantam, 1999). Ethnic relations before 1948.

Mitgutsch, Waltraud. Lover, Traitor: A Jerusalem Story (trans. Rosalind Theobald: NY: Metropolitan, 1997).

Oz, Amos. Soumchi (NY: Harper & Row, 1980).

__________. Fima (NY: Harcourt Brace, 1994).

__________. A Tale of Love & Darkness (NY: Harcourt Brace, 2005). Post-war transformation of city from British control to Israeli.

Popkin, Zelda. Quiet Street: A Novel (Lincoln: U. of Nebraska, 2002). 1948.

Ragen, Naomi. Sotah (NY: Crown, 1992).

Shames, Germaine W. Between Two Deserts: A Novel (San Francisco: McAdam/Cage, 2002).

Stone, Robert. Damascus Gate (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1998).

Waysman, Dvora. Esther: A Jerusalem Love Story (Deerfield Beach FL: Simcha, 2000).

Weinberg, Norbert. Beyond the Wall (NY: Bloch, 1978).

Wilentz, Amy. Martyr’s Crossing (NY, 2001). Israelis & Palestinians in second Intifada.

Yehoshua, Abraham B. Mr. Mani (trans. Hillel Halkin: London: Peter Halban, 2002).

In the Library: For Young Readers

da Costa, Deborah. Snow in Jerusalem (Morton Grove IL: A. Whitman, 2001).

In the Library: Poetry

In the Library: Drama

In the Library: Photography

CD & Audio

Film & Video

" House" [1980], dir. Amos Gitai. Israeli-Palestinian coexistence seen from house in Jerusalem.

"Jerusalem: Gates to the City" [1996], dir. Nicol Avital & Gerge Khleifi, 31m. From Video Project.

"Jerusalem: Between Heaven & Earth" [1997], by AVA Productions BV Netherlands, two parts, 52m each. From Ergo Media.

"Kadosh" [1999], dir. Amos Gitai. Women's oppression in the ultra-Orthodox Mea Shearim section of Jerusalem.

"Promises" [2001], dirs. B.Z. Goldberg, Justine Shapiro & Carlos Bolado. Inspiring, hopeful docudrama on interactions of seven Israeli & Palestinian children in Jerusalem, 1997-2000.

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