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(see also Palestine before 1948, Israel 1948-1968, Israel: Peace Movement, Jerusalem, Palestine 1948-1968, Palestine since 1968 & Palestine: Peace Movement)

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On the Web: Articles

The Challenge to the Two-State Solution. Gary Sussman, Middle East Report (sum 04).

No More Tears: Benny Morris & the Road Back from Liberal Zionism. Joel Beinin, Middle East Report 230 (3/04). Critique of Morris' revisionist history of 1948-49 Palestinian expulsions.

Camp David Accords 25 Years Later. Jimmy Carter, speech at Woodrow Wilson Center (9/17/03).

The Push for War. Anatol Lieven, London Review of Books (10/3/02). Brilliant critique of militarist "think tank" intellectuals in Bush administration, for whom Israel looms large.

Jews Only Law Sparks Firestorm, Bradley Burston, Ha'aretz (7/16/02). Proposed law allows Jews to bar Arabs from buying homes; recalls now-rescinded UN resolution equating Zionism & racism.

Against Israeli Apartheid, Desmond Tutu & Ian Urbina, Nation (7/15/02). Life in occupied territories mirrors that of apartheid South Africa.

The BUSHARON Global War, Lev Grinberg, indymedia (7/7/02). Bush needs Sharon for Iraq war.

Our Daughter's Death is Israel's Fault, Alexandra Williams, Mirror (7/6/02). Israeli couple blame occupation, not suicide bombers for daughter's death.

Spreading the Secret, Gila Svirsky, Jewish Voice for Peace (7/6/02). Polls show most Israelis want occupation to end; why does government ignore this?

For Palestinians, Land is Shrinking,Tim Golden, NY Times [International Herald Tribune 7/5/02]. Settlements grow due to hard to trace system of state incentives & network of political support.

Independence & Terrorism, Todd May, Ramallah Online (7/4/02). Put colonial America in place of Palestine & your attitude towards Israel may change.

Obituary for the Oslo Accords, Francis Boyle, Counterpunch (7/3/02). US & Israel never serious about negotiating just peace with Palestine.

Study: High Trauma Rate Among Palestinian, Settlers' Children, Ha'aretz, (7/2/02). 70 % of Palestinians in West Bank & 30% of children in Jewish settlements suffer nightmares, eating disorders, anxiety & sense of loss - all symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

The Middle East - in Alabama?
, Mitch Frank, Time (6/29/02). In post 9/11 era, Congressmember loses re-election because of support for Palestine.

Why the University of Haifa Wants to Get Rid of Me. Ilan Pappe, History News Network (6/3/02). Academic freedom in Israel badly battered by pressures of anti-Palestinian war.

Is Arafat Capable of Peace? Nicholas D. Kristof, NY Times (5/17/02). Common view that Yasir Arafat rejected reasonable peace deal at Oslo, so negotiations are pointless, is a myth.

U.S. Mideast Power Plays, Raul Mahajan & Robert Jensen, Z Magazine (5/13/02). US support for Israel is about controlling Middle East’s oil resources, not achieving peace.

Support for Refuseniks, Neve Gordon, Nation (5/9/02). Some 250 Israeli university teachers under fire for supporting ‘refuseniks.’

The Solution to this Filthy War: Foreign Occupation, Robert Fisk, Counterpunch (5/8/02). Foreign occupation may be only way to end war between Israel & Palestine.

The Paradoxes of Israel, John Chuckman, Counterpunch (5/6/02). Incongruity of nation-state defined by religious/ethnic identity of citizens in context of increasing globalization.

What Israel Has Done, Edward Said, Nation (5/6/02). Israel’s actions vs. Palestinians not merely "anti-terrorist;" they are bent on destruction of Palestinians as people & national entity.

Sharon the Merciless and Arafat the Corrupt, Robert Fisk, Counterpunch (5/4/02). Arafat can't control ‘his’ people; Sharon can't protect his. Peace farther away than ever.

Jenin War Crimes Investigation Needed, Human Rights Watch (5/3/02). Israeli actions at Jenin appear to constitute war crimes, should be investigated.

Why We Refuse to Fight, Rami Kaplan, Counterpunch (5/2/02). Veteran Israeli soldier explains why he will no longer fight to save settlements.

Corporate America & the Israeli Occupation of Palestine, Samuel Bahour, Counterpunch (5/1/02). US corporations doing business with Israel violate US law.

The Battle of Jenin as an Inter-Ethnic War
, Baruch Kimmerling, Counterpunch (5/1/02). Israel’s war crimes will undermine legitimacy & survival of Israel.

Making the Blooms Desert, Jessica McCallin, Red Pepper (5/02). Why Israel won't give up resources of Occupied Territories.

The Last Negotiation, Hussein Agha & Robert Malley, Foreign Affairs (6/02). Incremental solutions won't work. What's needed in is non-negotiable final agreement.

Where Are the Peaceniks?, Neve Gordon, Nation (4/29/02). Racism, fear, rabid nationalism as context in which Israeli’s peace movement must re-emerge.

Ending the Death Dance
, Richard Falk, Nation (4/29/02). Bush’s response to Sept. 11th & failures of other administrations have escalated conflict.

Radio interview with an Israeli refusenik, Tom Ashbrook, On Point, WBUR (4/26/02). More than five hundred soldiers refuse to fight beyond 1967 borders.

Bleats of Dissent, Michael Neumann, Counterpunch (4/26/02). Scathing critique of Jewish Left’s weak proposals for halting Israeli aggression.

Chomsky on the Middle East, Michael Albert, Z Magazine (4/25/02). Current conflict in Middle East, history of US-Israeli relations, & fate of Palestine.

View From Beirut, by Robert Fisk, Nation (4/22/02). Why is America ignoring Saudi peace plan?

Is There a Way Out? Occupation, Terror and Understanding, Daniel Bar-Tal, Counterpunch (4/22/02). Israeli shares fears & frustrations about fast-deteriorating situation.

What Kind of War Is This?, Amira Hass, Ha’Aretz (4/19/02). Israeli reporter reports on Jenin atrocities. Why can’t U.S. media do the same?

Fear & Learning in America, Robert Fisk, Independent (4/16/02). While Americans begin to question US role in Middle East; US media continues to support it.

Robert Fisk speech at Beyond Baroque. (4/13/02). Why won’t Colin Powell go to Jenin? America’s role in Middle East is morally bankrupt.

We Bought And Paid For Carnage of Palestinians
. Robert Jensen, Houston Chronicle (4/9/02). US taxpayers funding Israeli military agression against Palestinians

Jews May Not Want to Look at This, Robert Fisk, Independent (4/7/02). Conversation with Auschwitz survivor living at site of 1948 Deir Yassin massacre of Palestinians, that triggered refugee crisis that lies behind current conflict.

The Bloody Battle of Bethlehem
, Robert Fisk, Independent Media Center (4/5/02). Details on recent killings.

Israel Runs Risks With Assault on Its "Deputy Sherif." Tim Llewellyn, Scotsman (4/3/02). Arafat’s exile or containment will only intensify Palestinians’ quest for end to occupation.

Bush Fiddles While Middle East Burns. Robert Scheer, Nation (4/2/02). Bush administration should not have abandoned US role in attempts at Middle East peace.

Tal G. in Israel (ongoing, seems to have begun 4/2/02). An Israeli’s war diary

America's Morality Has Been Distorted by September 11, Robert Fisk, Independent Media Center (3/10/02). Is Afghan anarchy & continuing slaughter in Middle East our memorial to thousands who died on 9/11?

Israel must end the occupation, Robert Jensen, Austin American-Statesman (2/2/02). ‘Secret’ to peace is end to illegal occupation of Palestinian territory.

And Darkness Covered The Land, Robert I. Friedman, Nation (12/24/01). Report on post-Oslo chances for peace between Israel & Palestinians.

Reaping the Whirlwind. Editorial, Nation (12/24/01). US failure to admit role in Middle East violence & lack of commitment to peace.

Not In Our Name, Meredith Tax, Nation (6/4/01). US Jews working with Israeli peace groups.

The End of Oslo. Edward Said, Nation (10/30/00). Oslo accord, flawed from beginning, hasn't ended Israeli brutality or Palestinian response.

Blaming Arik Last, Eric Alterman, Nation (10/30/00). Roots of current conflict lie in Oslo accord offering Palestinians no guarantee of self-determination, full equality or end to military occupation.

Israel Diary. Micah L. Sifry, Nation (5/24/99). Journalist’s visit to Israel.

Israel at Fifty. Danny Rubinstein, Nation (5/4/98). Reviews failed peace initiatives. How long will stalemate last?

A Clean Break: New Strategy for Securing the Realm [prepared for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu]. Richard Perle et al., Institute for Advanced Strategic & Political Studies (n.d. 1996).

Israel Must Accept Equality in Peace Accord, Rima Askalan G, The Tech (10/1/96). Oslo creates isolated ghettos for West Bank Palestinians; Israeli settlements still expanding.

Oslo Accord Contains Only Cosmetic Changes. Janet McMahon & Greg Noakes, Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (6/95). Interview w/Israeli peace activist critical of Oslo Accord.

Oslo I: Declaration of Principles on Interim Self-Government Arrangements (9/13/93). Text of Oslo accord.

U.N. Security Council Resolution 338 (10/22/73). Passed in response to Yom Kippur War, calling for implementation of Resolution 242.

U.N. Security Council Resolution 242 (11/22/67). Drawn up after Six Day War of June, 1967. Cornerstone of peace efforts ever since.

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Bitter Lemons. Palestinian-Israeli crossfire.

Council on the National Interest. Seeks "more balanced" Middle East policy.

Guardian Weblog: Israel & the Intifada.

Ha'aretz (English edition).

International Crisis Group. Monitors ongoing conflicts.

Jerusalem Post.

The Nation Archive on Middle East.

Middle East Research & Information Project. Publishes MERIP Report, an indispensable source.

Israeli publications:

Alternative Information Center. Publishes News from Within.

Between the Lines.

Ha’aretz. Israel’s leading daily (English Edition)

Jerusalem Post.

Think Israel. Informative journal of right-wing, explicitly anti-Muslim Zionist opinion.

In the Library: Articles

Alcalay, Ammiel. “Israel’s Five-Poem War” Nation (4/10/00): 29-31. [Controversial Palestinian poet speaks to Israelis uninformed about cultures, debates, & struggles of Palestinians.]

Alperovich, G. "Israeli settlement in occupied territories and its impact on housing prices in Israel," Journal of Regional Science 37,1 (2/97):127-44.

Alterman, Eric. "Blaming Arik at last," Nation (10/30/00):12.

Aziz, N. Barbara. “Palestinians restricted in their own city,” National Catholic Reporter (6/30/95): 13. Israel gradually taking over Jerusalem.

Bader, Mary. “Time for US to examine friendship with Israel” National Catholic Reporter (5/29/02): 21. Justice needed for Arabs as well as Jews.

Barr, Cameron W. “A marching mom puts Israel pols on defensive,” Christian Science Monitor (7/17/03):4.

Beaumont, Peter. "Water for peace in the Middle East: the sacrifice of irrigated agriculture in Israel?" Arab World Geographer 3,2 (2000):97-112.

Berenbaum, Michael. "The impact of religion on politics in contemporary Israel," in R.L. Rubinstein (ed.) Spirit Matters. The Worldwide Impact of Religion on Contemporary Politics (NY, 1987).

Bishara, Azmi. "'A double responsibility': Palestinian citizens of Israel & the Intifada," Middle East Report 217 (win 2000) .

Bleecher, Robert. "Living on the edge: the threat of 'transfer' in Israel & Palestine," Middle East Report 225 (win 2002).

Bruck, Connie. “Back roads,” Nation (12/15/03): 86-97. How serious is Bush about creating a Palestinian State?

__________. “The commando,” Nation (4/17/00): 80-95. Barak took big risks, trusted no one, & is now alone. Can he fulfill pledge to leave Lebanon without provoking Syria’s Hafez al-Assad?

Carey, Roane. “The road map to nowhere” Nation (7/21/03): 44-50. Oslo is dead; what next?

__________ & Adam Shatz. "Israel plays with fire," Nation (4/12/04):7-8. On assassination of quadriplegic Hamas leader Sheik Ahmed Yassin & its probable consequences.

Charles, Ron. "'Make a chain: for the city is full of violence'" Christian Science Monitor (6/19/03):19-20. Review essay on A Palestine Affair by Jonathan Wilson.

Chomsky, Noam. "The Arabs in Israel," Monthly Review 27,11 (4/76):20-30.

Cockburn, Alexander. “Hacks & heroes” Nation (3/7/03): 9. Journalists working for war compared to those working for peace.

__________. "The nightmare in Israel," Nation (3/25/02):8.

Cook, Christopher D. "The Bingo connection," Mother Jones (9-10/00):67-73. Irv Moskowitz' Long Beach casino raises $17 million a year to support settlements in West Bank & Golan Heights.

Cook, Jonathan. "Israeli constitutional committee faces double bind," Middle East Report 34,2 (sum 04):16-21. Religious-secular conflict, 20% Palestinian population confront framers of Constitution for a "Jewish state."

Connell, Dan. “A crisis in the crisis: Rabin’s assassination,” Resist Newsletter (12/95):1-3.

Courbage, Y. "Reshuffling the demographic cards in Israel/Palestine," Journal of Palestine Studies 28,4 (sum 99):21-39.

Editors of The Nation. "Reaping the whirlwind," Nation (12/24/01):3-4.

Elon, Amos. “A very special relationship,” NY Review (1/15/04): 15-19. US & Israel relationship since Johnson administration.

Eisikovits, Nir. “War for war’s sake” In These Times (6/13/02) There was & still is no military solution to conflict.

Fein, Leonard. "Israel's un-orthodox battle," Nation (7/7/97):21-24. Identity politics in Knesset.

Finkel, David. “Image and reality,” Monthly Review (1/97): 55-61. Review essay on Finkelstein, Image & Reality of the Israel-Palestine Conflict, which draws on new historical & demographic research.

Finkelstein, Norman G. "Israel & Iraq: A double standard in the application of international law," Monthly Review 43,3 (7-8/91):25-54.

Friedman, Robert I. "And darkness covered the land," Nation (12/24/01):13-20.

Gamson, Joshua. "The officer & the diva," Nation (6/28/99). Israeli gays still closeted, but enjoy civil rights.

Gaouette, Nicole. "TV series on quiet heroes captures Israel's mood," Christian Science Monitor (5/1/03): 1,10.

Gaouette, Nicole. "Jerusalem's growing web of walls," Christian Science Monitor (10/6/03):11,12.

Garfinkle, Adam "Long twilight struggle," NY Times (7/27/03):15.

Goldberg, Jeffrey. "Among the settlers. Will they destroy Israel?" New Yorker (5/31/04):47-69.

Golden, Tim. "Settlement areas continue to grow despite Israeli pledge to halt expansion," San Jose Mercury (7/4/02).

Gordon, Neve. "Israeli doves speak out," Nation (10/30/00):5.

__________. "Doves no more," In These Times (11/27/00). While Barak makes war, Israeli left stands by.

__________. "Blinded with violence," In These Times (6/25/01):9.

__________. "Israel: into the abyss," Nation (9/17/01).

__________. "The enemy within," In These Times (1/21/02):3-4. Difficulties facing the Israeli peace movement.

__________. "Support grows for soldiers refusing to serve in occupation," National Catholic Reporter (2/8/02):3.

__________. "Apartheid in Israel’s schools," Humanist (3-4/02):32.

__________. “Where are the peaceniks?” Nation (4/29/02): 4-5. Blatant racism in Israel, feeding on fear of suicide bombings, is changing Jerusalem landscape.

__________. “Israel’s slippery moral slope?” In These Times (3/4/03): 8. When ends justifies means, all is permissible.

__________. “Up against the wall” National Catholic Reporter (11/7/03): 17. On 11/ 9, International Day against the Wall, protestors will celebrate fall of Berlin wall & condemn construction of new wall between Israel & occupied West Bank.

Gorenberg, Gershom. "The thin green line," Mother Jones (9-10/02):49-55, 90. Do refuseniks help the cause of peace or hurt it?

__________. “At what price?” Mother Jones (6/03): 42-50. With imploding economy & road map for peace on table, Israelis ought to be debating cost of supporting settlements.

Green, Philip. “‘Anti-semitism,’ Israel & the Left” Nation (5/5/03): 14-20. Who’s really behind crude equation between Israel & ‘the Jews’?

Grossman, David. "Letter to Netanyahu," Nation (11/4/96):4.

Hajjar, Lisa. "Arab women, liberal feminism & the Israeli state," Middle East Report 207 (spring 1998).

_________. "Human rights in Israel/Palestine: the history of a movement," Journal of Palestine Studies 30,4 (sum 2001):21-38.

_________. "The making of a political trial: the Marwan Barghouti Case," Middle East Report 225 (win 2002).

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Hammani, Rema. "On the importance of thugs: the moral economy of a checkpoint," Middle East Report 231 (sum 04):26-34. Surda checkpoint near Ramallah. Principal form of Palestinian resistance today is simple refusal to let sieges & checkpoints to shut down daily life.

Hersh, Seymour. "The traitor: the case against Jonathan Pollard," New Yorker (1/18/99):26-34.

Hitchens, Christopher. "Waiving the flag," Nation (7/21/97):8. On US complicity with Israeli abuse of Palestinians' human rights.

__________. "Israel Shahak, 1933-2001," Nation (7/23/01):9. Appreciation of the late inveterate peace activist.

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__________. "Aftermath," Atlantic Monthly (1-2/04):41-3. On Jerusalem's personnel & procedures for cleaning up after a suicide bombing.

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__________. "Israeli Arabs decry inquiry report," Christian Science Monitor (9/2/03):7-8.

__________. “What is the value of a life?” Christian Science Monitor (11/19/03):15-17. Trading one abducted Israeli for 400 Arab prisoners divides both public & cabinet.

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In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Al-Haq/Law in the Service of Man. Punishing a Nation: Israeli Human Rights Violations during the Palestinian Uprising, December 1987-December 1988 (Boston: South End, 1990).

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In the Library: Fiction

In the Library: For Young Readers

In the Library: Poetry

In the Library: Drama

In the Library: Photography

CD & Audio

Film & Video

"Avanim" [2004], dir. Raphael Nadjari, 110m. Secret life of respectable businesswoman unravels.

"The Band's Visit" [2007], dir. Eran Kolirin, 87m. Kindness prevails over prejudice when Alexandria Ceremonial Police Orchestra visits Israeli village.

"The Bombing" [1999], dir. Simone Bitton, 59m. From First Run/Icarus. Story of a suicide bombing, seen through interviews with families of victims & perpetrators.

"Citizen Bishara" [2001], dir. Simone Bitton, 52m. From First Run/Icarus. Azmi Bishara, Israeli Palestinian spokesman in Knesset & candidate for Prime Minister in 1999.

"Cup Final" [1992], dir. Eran Riklis, 107m. From First Run Features. Shared passion for soccer saves day for Israeli & PLO soldier in South Lebanon during World Cup matches in 6/82.

"Forbidden Marriages in the Holy Land" [1997], dir. Michel Khleifi, 66m. Focuses on problems faced by nine inter-faith & inter-racial married couples in Israel.

"Her Israel" [2003], dir. Marjan Tehrani, 59m. Sensitive portrayal of the lives of a Jewish Israeli, a Palestinian & a Russian Jewish woman in Tel Aviv.

"How I Learned to Overcome My Fear & Love Arik Sharon" [1997], dir. Avi Mograbi, 61m. From First Run/Icarus. Documentary on Sharon, & on encounter between Left & Right in Israel in 90s.

"Human Weapon" [2002], dir. Ilan Ziv, 55m. From First Run/Icarus. Examines new tactic of "suicide bombing" in conflicts in Iran, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Israel, Palestine, Europe & the US.

"In the Name of Love" [1994], dir. Idit Shechori, 94m. Melodrama of relations between a family of abused women, in which historical truths emerge.

"Izkor, Slaves of Memory" [1991], dir. Eyal Sivan, 98m.

"Kippur" [2000], dir. Amos Gitai. Israeli veteran's recollection of the 1973 Arab-Israeli war.

"The Lobby" [2003], dir. Benny Brunner, 25m. From First Run/Icarus. Examines influence of American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) on Washington policy & US public opinion.

"9 Star Hotel" [2006], dir. Ido Haar, ?m. Undocumented Palestinian workers on construction of new city of Modi'in between Tel Aviv & Jerusalem.

"Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land" [2004], dir. ?, 80m. On distortions of Middle East news in American media, as contrasted with British.

"Route 181: Fragments of a Journey in Palestine-Israel" [2003], dir. Michel Khleifi & Eyal Sivan, 270m. Unique vision of future as found in past, & in potential of today's people to make it; Zionism as disabler of present & potential coexistence.

"The Settlers" [2002], dir. Ruth Walk, 58m. From First Run/Icarus. Profiles the seven Orthodox Jewish families of Tel Rumeida settlement in Hebron.

"A Thousand Little Kisses" [1981], dir. Mira Recanati, 110m.

"Trembling Before G-d," [2001], dir. Sandi Simcha Dubowski, 84m. From First Run Features. Faithful gay & lesbian Orthodox Jews confront prejudices of their community in Chasidic New York as well as in Israel.

"Walk on Water" [2004], dir. Eytan Fox, 103m. In video stores.

"Yana's Friends" [1999], dir. Arik Kaplun, 96m. From First Run Features. Immigrant love stories set in Tel Aviv during 1991 Gulf War.

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