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Italy to 1922 & General

(see also Italy: Fascist Regime , Italy since 1943, Italy: Sicily, Italy: Sardinia, Italian Radicalism & Fascism)

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Agocs, Sandor. The Troubled Origins of the Italian Catholic Labor Movement, 1878-1914 (Detroit, 1988).

Bailey, Samuel L. & Franco Ramella (eds.) One Family, Two Worlds: An Italian Family's Correspondence Across the Atlantic, 1901-1922 (New Brunswick: Rutgers, 1989).

Di Scala, Spencer M. (ed.) Italian Socialism: Between Politics & History (Amherst: U. Massachusetts, 1996).

__________. Italy: From Revolution to Republic, 1700-present (Boulder: Westview, 1998).

Jones, Tobias. The Dark Heart of Italy: Travels Through Time & Space Across Italy (London: Faber & Faber, 2003).

Paoli, Ugo Enrico. Rome: Its People, Life & Customs (NY, 1963).

Sarti, Roland. Long Live the Strong: A History of Rural Society in the Appenine Mountains (Amherst MA: U. Masachusetts, 1985).

In the Library: Fiction

Habe, Hans. The Poisoned Stream (NY: McGraw-Hill, 1969).

Morante, Elsa (1912-1985). House of Liars (trans. Adrienne Foulke; NY: Harcourt Brace, 1951).

__________. Arturo's Island (trans. Isabel Quigly; NY: Knopf, 1959).

__________. History: A Novel (trans. William Weaver; NY: Knopf, 1977). World War II as experienced by poor people in Rome.

__________. Aracoeli: A Novel (trans. William Weaver; NY: Random House, 1984).

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