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(see also California Agriculture, San Francisco & Los Angeles)

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Cornford, Daniel A. Workers & Dissent in the Redwood Empire (Philadelphia: Temple U., 1987).

__________ & Others. California Labor History: A History of Labor's Contributions to California's Developmenbt, 1769-2003 (Sacramento: CA State Library, 2003).

González, Gilbert G. The Los Angeles County Strike of 1933 (Irvine: U. California Center for Research on Latinos in a Global Society, 1977).

Jenkins, J. Craig. The Politics of Insurgency: The Farm Worker Movement in the 1960s (NY: Columbia, 1985).

Martin, Philip L. Promise Unfulfilled: Why Didn't Collective Bargaining Transform California's Labor Market? (Washington: Center for Immigration Studies, 2004).

Mitchell, Don. The Lie of the Land: Migrant Workers & the California Landscape (Minneapolis: U. of Minnesota, 1996).

Saxton, Alexander. The Indispensable Enemy: Labor & the Anti-Chinese Movement in California (Berkeley: U. of California, 1975).

Street, Richard Steven. Beasts of the Field: A Narrative History of California Farmworkers, 1769-1913 (Stanford: Stanford U., 21004).

Weber, Devra. Dark Sweat, White Gold: California Farm Workers, Cotton, & the New Deal (Berkeley: U. of California, 1994).

Wellman, David T. The Union Makes Us Strong: Radical Unionism on the San Francisco Waterfront (NY: Cambridge, 1995).

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"Harry Bridges: A Man & His Union" [1992], by MW Productions with KQED, 60m. From Cinema Guild.

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