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On the Web: Articles

The Rise & Fall of the Los Angeles Water Baron. Joe Wilkinson, McGraw Hill Construction (10/00).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Bus Riders' Union.

Coalition for Humane Immigrants' Rights (CHIRLA) (Los Angeles).

Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy.

LA Weekly. Alternative paper.

Los Angeles Times. Daily.

In the Library: Articles

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In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Abu-Lughod, Janet L. NY, Chicago, LA: America's Global Cities (Minneapolis, 1999).

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In the Library: Fiction

Boyle, T. Coraghessan. The Tortilla Curtain (NY, 1995).

Cooper, Stephen (ed.) The John Fante Reader (NY: W. Morrow, 2002).

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Hamilton, Denise. The Jasmine Trade: A Novel of Suspense, introducing Eve Diamond (NY: Scribner, 2001). Mystery featuring resourceful LA Times reporter.

__________. Sugar Skull: An Eve Diamond Novel (NY: Scribner, 2003).

__________. Last Lullaby: An Eve Diamond Novel (NY: Scribner, 2004).

__________. Savage Garden: An Eve Diamond Novel (NY: Scribner, 2005).

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Valdes-Rodríguez, Alisa. Playing with Boys (NY: St. Martin's, 2004).

West, Nathaniel. The Day of the Locust [1939] (

In the Library: For Young Readers

In the Library: Poetry

In the Library: Drama

In the Library: Photography

CD & Audio

Tom Russell, Hotwalker (2005).

Film & Video

"Adios East Los" [1999], dir. William Douglas Lansford, ?m. Three Chicano youths cross 4th St. Bridge to discover the land of the Gringos.

"Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned" [2001], dir. Michael Apted, 108m. In video stores.

"Ask the Dust" [2005], dir. Robert Towne, ?m.

"Blade Runner" [1982], dir. Ridley Scott, 117m. In video stores. LA in 2019, as envisioned in Philip Dick's, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

"Bless Their Little Hearts" [1984], dir. Billy Woodberry, 80m. In video stores. Tribulations of working-class Black family in Watts.

"Boyz 'n the Hood" [1991], dir. John Singleton, 107m. In video stores. Education vs. drugs & violence as roads ahead for young men in South Central.

"Bread & Roses" [2001], dir. Ken Loach, 110m. In video stores. Struggle for a Latino janitors' union in 1990s.

"The Bus Riders Union" [1999], dir. Haskell Wexler, 89m. Multiracial grassroots organization led mostly by women takes on LA Transit District in 4-year struggle & wins!

"Chávez Ravine: A Los Angeles Story" [2003], dir. Jordan Mechner, 30m. How Mexican neighborhood in downtown LA was razed in 50s & to make way for Dodger Statdium.

"Chinatown" [1974], dir. Roman Polanski, 131m. In video stores. Detective story set in drought-ridden LA during 1930s.

"Crossroads: Boyle Heights" [2002], by John Esaki, 28m. From Japanese American National Museum. Documentary on changing neighborhood of 40s & 50s.

"Colors" [1988], dir. Dennis Hopper, 120m. In video stores. LAPD confronts gang violence in East LA.

"Crash" [2004], dir. Paul Haggis, 113m. In video stores.

"Dark Blue" [2002], dir. Ron Shelton, 118m. In video stores. LAPD & Rodney King riots of 1992.

"The Day of the Locust" [1975], dir. John Schlesinger, 144m. In video stores. Decadent Hollywood in 1930s.

"Devil in a Blue Dress" [1995], dir. Carl Franklin, 101m. In video stores. Walter Mosley's LA in 1948.

"El Norte" [1983], dir. Gregory Nava, 133m. In video stores. Guatemalan refugees struggling to arrive & survive in LA.

"The Exiles" [1961], dir. Kent Mackenzie,72m. Documentary on Native American community in Bunker Hill.

"God's Army" [2000], dir. Richard Dutcher, 108m. Mormon missionaries in LA.

"Grand Canyon" [1991], dir. Lawrence Kasdan, 134m. In video stores. LA lives intertwine in rare interracial drama in which hero, both wise & good (Danny Glover), is a working-class Black man.

"L.A. Confidential" [1997], dir.Curtis Hanson, 138m. In video stores. Police corruption & Hollywood sleaze in 1950s.

"Lost Angeles" [1994], dir. Miguel Caballero, 19m. Day-to-day survival of working immigrants.

"My Family" [1995], dir. Gregory Nava, 128m. In video stores. Wide-ranging story of three generations in an LA family's life.

"Pulp Fiction" [1994], dir. Quentin Tarantino, 154m. In video stores. Small-time crooks & boxing match fixers on loose in big city.

"Real Women Have Curves" [2002], dir. Patricia Cardoso, 90m. In video stores. Real LA textile workers take chances, have flaws, embrace life.

"Red Hollywood" [1995], dir. Thom Anderson & Noël Burch, 118m. Documentary on Hollywood Ten.

"Stand & Deliver" [1988], dir.Ramón Menéndez, 107m. In video stores. How much difference can a devoted teacher make in the lives of ghetto high school students?

"To Live & Die in L.A." [1985], dir. William Friedkin, 116m. In video stores. Cops hunt master criminal on streets of LA.

"What's Cooking?" [2000], dir. Gurinder Chadha, 109m. In video stores. Thanksgiving in four ethnically distinct households of the Fairfax District.

"Zabriskie Point" [1970], dir. Michelangelo Antonioni, 110m. Two rebellious young Angeleños of late sixties confront process of development.

"Zoot Suit" [1982], dir. Luis Valdez, ?m. In video stores.

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