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It's not too late. We can still turn this country away from the unAmerican project of militarism & empire, if millions of clear-thinking, peace-loving Americans will get into the habit of engaging regularly in nonviolent, democratic actions for peace & justice. Lots of people are doing that already; but the job requires the best efforts of a whole lot more. Some ways of exercising that kind of responsible citizenship are suggested below. If you have ideas about how to bring about change that don't appear here, please let us know about them by writing to editor@mbeaw.org.

Americans commited to bringing about a just & peaceful world, & a healthy, sustainable American society & economy, have our work cut out for us. No single organization, no single kind of political action, is sufficient to realize those broad goals. Worldwide peace, justice, equity & sustainability will require the combined & sustained efforts of millions of people working on many different fronts, in this country & abroad.

These efforts are already underway everywhere, though we don't hear much about them from our media & political leaders. Our job is not to initiate a world movement for social, cultural, political & economic change, much less to provide leadership for it. The movement draws on human wisdom & experience much wider than our own.

We have only to join in it, wholeheartedly & without arrogance, to learn what we can from & about other people's struggles, & to commit ourselves for the long haul to the general human struggle for a viable & liveable world. We can pledge to contribute as much as we can to the struggle day by day, each in our own ways. Fortunately, there are lots of ways in which every single one of us can lend a hand.

Monterey Bay Educators Against War
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