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San Francisco Bay Guardian. Alternative paper.

San Francisco Chronicle.

In the Library: Articles

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Alioto, Angela. Straight to the Heart: Political Cantos (SF: Russian Hill, 1997).

Brook, James; Cris Carlsson & Nancy J. Peters (eds.) Reclaiming San Francisco: History, Politics, Culture (SF: City Lights, 1998).

Davis, Kar. All About Matt: Facts, Poems & Interesting Information about Matt Gonzalez (SF: Wine Bottle Rocket, 2003).

Ethington, Philip J. The Public City: The Political Construction of Urban Life in San Francisco, 1850-1900 (Berkeley: U. of California, 2001).

Flamm, Jerry. Hometown San Francisco: Sunny Jim, Phat Willie & Dave (SF: Scottwall, 1994).

Jones, Cleve with Jeff Dawson. Stitching a Revolution: The Making of an Activist (SF: Harper, 2000). Politics of the AIDS Memorial Quilt Project.

Leyland, Winston. Out in the Castro: Desire, Promise, Activism (Oakland CA: Leyland, 2002).

Mosley, Walter. Blue Light (Boston: Little, Brown, 1998).

Mullin, Megan. City Caesars? Institutional Structure & Mayoral Success in Three California Cities (Thousand Oaks CA: Sage, 2004). Oakland, San Francisco & San Jose.

Rich, Nathaniel. San Francisco Noir: The City in Film Noir from 1940 to the Present (NY: Little Bookroom, 2005).

Shah, Nayan. Contagious Divides: Epidemics & Race in San Francisco's Chinatown (Berkeley: U. of California, 2001).

Stryker, Susan & Jim Van Buskirk. Gay By the Bay: A History of Queer Culture in the San Francisco Bay Area (SF: Chronicle, 1996).

Wyatt, David. Five Fires: Race, Catastrophe, & the Shaping of California (NY: Oxford, 1998).

In the Library: Fiction

Dalessandro, James. 1906 (San Francisco: Chronicle, 2004).

Davis, Kyra. Sex, Murder, & a Double Latte (Buffalo NY: Red Dress Ink, 2005).

Greenleaf, Stephen. Beyond Blame (NY: Villard, 1986).

Gross, Leonard. Strangers at the Gate (NY: Random House, 1995). Chinese immigrants.

Hammett, Dashiell. The Maltese Falcon [1934] (NY: Permabooks, 1961).

Holmes, Rupert. Swing: a Mystery (NY: Random House, 2005). Set in 1940.

King, Laurie. To Play the Fool (NY: St. Martin's, 1995).

__________. With Child (NY: St. Martin's, 1996).

__________. Night Work: A Kate Martinelli Mystery (NY: Bantam, 2000).

Zimler, Richard. The Angelic Darkness: A Novel (NY: W.W. Norton, 1999).

In the Library: For Young Readers

Krakow, Kari. The Harvey Milk Story (Ridley Park PA: Two Lives, 2001).

In the Library: Poetry

In the Library: Drama

In the Library: Photography

CD & Audio

Film & Video

"Impact" [1949], dir. Arthur Lubin, 111m.

"The Maltese Falcon" [1941], dir. John Huston, 101m. In video stores.

"Sucker Free City" [2004], dir. Spike Lee, 113m. White, Asian, Latino & Black street gangs in conflict.

"The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill" [2003], dir. Judy Irving, 123m. In video stores. Kind & patient homeless man befriends flock of non-native urban birds, & learns a great deal from them.

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