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Check out Freeway Blogger & think
about doing it on the large scale!

Read Ariel Brewster, Getting Your Views Across, & Carol W. Gardner's amusing Bumper Sticker Wisdom: America's Pulpit Above the Tailpipe (Hillsboro OR: Beyond Words, n.d.).

Displaying your sentiments through slogans emblazoned on bumper stickers, t-shirts, posters, & the like may seem like a silly self-indulgence. But when lots of people do it, the effect can be powerful.

Displaying sentiments also invites conversations, sometimes with people who disagree with you . These can be an opportunity to invite others to think in new ways, & make their own contributions to the process of change.

Here are some distributors whose products can be examined & ordered on-line, or in some cases downloaded for free. If you run across others, please let us know of them.

Adam Nieman.

Antiwar Cartoons & Propaganda Parodies.

Auntie Fashions.

Boondocks Net.

Bush Bumper Stickers.

Bill Dawes.

Carry a Big Sticker.

Democracy Means You.

Donnelly/Colt Progressive Resources.

Free to Disagree.

Green Hammer.

My Mama.

Northern Sun.

Peace Buttons.

Posters for Peace.


Protest Works.

Syracuse Cultural Workers.

United for Peace & Justice.

Wake the World.


Monterey Bay Educators Against War
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