Run for Office

People today are so suspicious of politicians, the moneyed interests behind them & of politics itself that we doubt that good things can come from any political process. Most of us don't bother any more to keep ourselves well informed, or even to get out & vote. The result is that the governance of our cities, counties, states & country is left to the folks (mostly well-heeled white men) who are still willing & able to participate. They alone make the decisions that will determine the conditions of life, work & health for a long time to come. That is a crying shame. It's also dangerous. It's irresponsible; & it's no way to run a democracy.

To turn this country away from corruption, militarism & empire & towards domestic & foreign policies Americans can be proud of, a whole lot of new people -- especially women, people of color, poor people & the young -- get ourselves out of that place of despair & fatalism, & into purposeful action. New people have to stand up, make themselves heard, join in, & take some responsibility for politics. That means starting in our schools, churches, trade unions & community organizations. putting time into committee meetings & political actions of one kind or another, getting well informed about the issues that affect our lives, being willing to speak out, running & getting ourselves elected to offices small & large, & then doing our jobs responsibly.

We have to bring back the idea of public service as a valued & honorable vocation open to all, rather than as a selfish means of personal advancement available only to a few. People with a talent for public service can be found in every walk of life. It's our job to identify them, help get them involved, & encourage & get behind them when there's an opportunity to run somebody for office large or small. We also have to take on such responsibilities ourselves from time to time, rather than always leaving them to others.

When we're successful in getting people elected, it's our responsibility to stick with them & watch how they do their jobs -- so the officials feel both supported by & accountable to their constituents as long as they hold office.


Monterey Bay Educators Against War
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