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Juan Cole

(see also Iraq: Shi'ites & Iraq Postwar)

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Cole, Juan R.I. "Portrait of a rebellion: Shi'ite insurgency in Iraq bedevils US," In These Times (6/21/04):18-21,26.

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Cole, Juan R.I. & Nikki R. Keddi (eds.) Shi'ism & Social Protest (New Haven: Yale, 1986).

__________. Roots of North Indian Shi'ism: Religion & State in Awadh, 1722-1859 (Berkeley: U. of California, 1988).

__________ (ed.) Comparing Muslim Societies: Knowledge & the State in a World Civilization (Ann Arbor: U. of Michigan, 1992).

__________. Colonialism & Revolution in the Middle East: Social & Cultural Origins of Egypt's 'Urabi Movement (Princeton: Princeton, 1993).

__________. Modernity & the Millennium: The Genesis of the Baha'i Faith in the 19th-C. Middle East (NY: Columbia, 1998).

__________. Sacred Space & Holy War: The Politics, Culture & History of Shi'ite Islam (London: I.B. Tauris, 2002).

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