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Iraq: Shi'ites

(see also Iraq, Iraq: Saddam Regime, Gulf War: 1990-2003, Iraq: US Occupation, Iran: Islamic Revolution, Iran-Iraq War & Juan Cole)

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On the Web: Articles

The Shi'ite Earthquake. Juan Cole, Salon [Truthout] (2/1/05).

How US Missteps May Cloud Iraqi Vote. William O. Beeman, San Jose Mercury News [Truthout] (1/27/05). US policy & the Shi'ite majority.

The Shiite Surge. David Rieff, NY Times Magazine (2/1/04).

What's the Difference Between Shi'ah & Sunni? Christianity Today (4/30/03). Shi'a may be more receptive to Christianity than Sunnis!!!!

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Juan Cole Informed Comment. Frequent updates by leading US scholar of Iraq & Shi'a Islam, now an astute commentator on Iraq under US military occupation.

In the Library: Articles

Anderson, Jon Lee. "Dreaming of Baghdad," New Yorker (2/03):57-69. Visit with Iraqi Shi'a opposition in exile.

Friedman, Thomas L. "Islamic Iraq may work," San Jose Mercury News (12/5/03). Shi'ite dominance could mean government "more religious than Turkey but more democratic than Iran." Key figure is Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani.

Jabar, Faleh A. "Difficulties & dangers of regime removal," Middle East Report 225 (win 2002).

__________.The worldly roots of religiosity in post-Saddam Iraq," Middle East Report 227 (sum 2003): 12-18 .

LaFranchi, Howard. "Key Shi'ites soften tone towarde US," Christian Science Monitor (11/19/03).

Somodevilla, Chip. "Ambitious mosque," San Jose Mercury News (12/5/03):1. Baghdad mosque, begun by Saddam in late 80s, will be completed as world's largest center of Shi'ite worship.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Cole, Juan R.I. & Nikki R. Keddie (eds.) Shi'ism & Social Protest (New Haven: Yale, 1986).

__________. Sacred Space & Holy War: The Politics, Culture & History of Shi'ite Islam (London: I.B. Tauris, 2002).

Halm, Heinz. Shi’a Islam: From Religion to Revolution (Princeton, 1996).

Jabar, Faleh A. Ayatollahs, Sufis, & Ideologues: State, Religion & Social Movements (London: Saqi Books, 2002).

____________. Tribes & Power in the Middle East (London: Saqi Books, 2002).

____________. The Shi'a Movement of Iraq (London: Saqi Books, ?).

Nakash, Yitzhak. The Shi'is of Iraq (Princeton: Princeton U, 1994).

Wiley, Joyce N. The Islamic Movement of Iraqi Shi'as (Boulder: Lynne Reinner, 1992).

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