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Tobacco Trade & Abuse

(see also Tobacco Abatement)

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On the Web: Articles

Movie Smoking Hooks Teens, Experts Say. Suzanne Batchelor, National Catholic Reporter (2/6/04).

Traditional Women Are Tobacco's New Global Market. Suzanne Batchelor, Women's e-News (8/18/03).

Women Smokers: Effects Deadlier, Quitting Tougher. Suzanne Batchelor, Women's e-News (6/19/03).

A World Safe for Big Tobacco. Ellen Goodman, Boston Globe (5/4/03). US, world's "largest exporter of tobacco & tobacco-related diseases," works to undermine WHO international agreement to reduce tobacco advertising & consumption.

Illicit Tobacco Trade Contributes to Global Disease Burden, World Health Organization (7/29/02).

Dirty Tricks of the Tobacco Trade Revealed. Lydia Bell, U. of Sydney Uninews (7/5/02).

Tobacco: Trade, Economic Research Unit, US Dept. of Agriculture (12/12/00).

Support for Tobacco Trade: Up in Smoke? Maude Beebman & Zoe Davidson, International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (11/99).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms (US Dept. of the Treasury)

Framework Convention Alliance (to suppress illicit tobacco trade world-wide)

PCS International

Rachel's Environment & Health News

In the Library: Articles

Berry, John M. Jr. & Wendell Berry. "Why we need the tobacco program," Progressive (10/28/98):28-29. Proposed abolition of tobacco "subsidies" will benefit companies & foreign growers, hurt 60,000 US farm families & do nothing to diminish tobacco addiction.

Males, Mike. “Gotta Match?” In These Times (8/5/96):24-26.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Adams, Walter & James W. Brock. The Tobacco Wars (Cincinnati: South-Western College, 1999).

Ashton, Heather & Rob Stepney. Smoking: Psychology & Pharmacology (NY: Tavistock, 1992).

Apperson, George L. The Social History of Smoking (London: M. Secker, 1914).

Barth, Ilene. The Smoking Life (Colombus MS: Genesis, 1997).

Beese, Derek H. (ed.) Tobacco Consumption in Various Countries (London: Tobacco Research Council, 1968).

Burnham, John C. Bad Habits: Drinking, Smoking, Taking Drugs, Gambling, Sexual Misbehavior & Swearing in American History (NY, 1993).

Chapman, Simon. Great Expectorations: Advertising & the Tobacco Industry (London: Comedia, 1986).

Cooper, Patricia A. Once a Cigar Maker: Men, Women & Work Culture in American Cigar Factories, 1900-1919 (Urbana: U. Illinois, 1992).

Corina, Maurice. Trust in Tobacco: The Anglo-American Struggle for Power (London: M. Joseph, 1975).

Daniel, Pete. Breaking the Land: The Transformation of Cotton, Tobacco & Rice Cultures since 1880 (Urbana: U. of Illinois, 1985).

Devine, Thomas M. The Tobacco Lords: A Study of the Tobacco Merchants of Glasgow & their Trading Activities, c. 1740-1790 (Edinburgh: Donald, 1975).

Economist Intelligence Unit. Leaf Tobacco: Its Contribution to the Economic & Social Development of the Third World (London: EIU, 1980).

Goodman, Jordan. Tobacco in History: The Cultures of Dependence (NY: Routledge, 1993).

Glantz, Stanton A. The Cigarette Papers (Berkeley: U. of Calfiornia, 1996)

Heimann, Robert K. Tobacco & Americans (NY: McGraw-Hill, 1960).

Hilton, Matthew. Smoking in British Popular Culture, 1800-2000: Perfect Pleasures (Manchester: Manchester U., 2000).

Hilts, Philip J. Smokescreen: The Truth Behind the Tobacco Industry Cover-Up (Reading MA: Addison-Wesley, 1996).

Hughes, Jason. Learning to Smoke: Tobacco Use in the West (Chicago: U. of Chicago, 2003).

Kiernan, Victor G. Tobacco: A History (London: Hutchinson Radius, 1991).

Males, Mike A. Smoked: Why Joe Camel is Still Smiling (Monroe ME: Common Courage, 1999).

Oaks, Laury. Smoking & Pregnancy: The Politics of Fetal Protection (New Brunswick NJ: Rutgers, 2001).

Pertschuk, Michael. Smoke in their Eyes: Lessons in Movement Leadership from the Tobacco Wars (NY:?,2003).

Rabin, Robert L. & Stephen D. Sugarman (eds.) Regulating Tobacco (NY: Oxford, 2002). Blueprint for a virtually cost-free way to save lives around the world.

Robert, Joseph C. The Story of Tobacco in America (Chapel Hill: U. North Carolina, 1967).

Torres Mejía, Patricia. Peasants, Merchants, & Politicians in Tobacco Production: Philippine Social Relations in a Global Economy (Quezon City: Ateneo de Manila, 2000).

Wellcome Institute. Ashes to Ashes: The History of Smoking & Health (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 1998).

Winkler, John Kennedy. Tobacco Tycoon: The Story of James Buchanan Duke (NY: Random House, 1942).

Yeoman, Barry. "Outfront: secondhand diplomacy," Mother Jones (3-4/03):15.

In the Library: Fiction

Barth, John. The Sot-Weed Factor (NY: Doubleday, 1967).

Buckley, Christopher. Thank You for Smoking (NY: Random House, 1994).

Caldwell, Erskine. Tobacco Road [1932] (Savannah GA: Beehive, 1974).

Deal, Borden. The Tobacco Men: A Novel Based on Notes by Theodore Dreiser & Hy Kraft (NY: Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1965).

Fitz-Simons, Foster. Bright Leaf (NY: Rinehart, 1948).

Grisham, John. The Runaway Jury (NY: Island, 1997).

Hazelgrove, William E. Tobacco Sticks (Chicago: Pantonne, 1995).

Martin, Eric. Luck: A Novel (NY: W.W. Nortonl 2000).

McLaurin, Tim. Cured by Fire (NY: Putnam, 1995).

Stern, Lelley. The Smoking Book (Chicago: U. Chicago, 1999).

Wall, Jack. Prime Leaf: A Novel of the Kentucky Tobacco Wars (Athens GA: Hill Stree, 2000).

Warren, Robert Penn. Night Rider (NY: Random House, 1939).

Wimberley, Darryl. A Tinker's Damn (Denver: MacMurray & Beck, 2000).

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CD & Audio

Film & Video

"Bright Leaves" [2003], dir. Ross McElwee, 105m. From First Run/Icarus. Tobacco as problematic legacy in North Carolina.

"Smoke" [1995], dir. Wayne Wang & Paul Auster, 112m. From Miramax Films. Life around a Brooklyn smokeshop.

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