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Tobacco Abatement

(see also Tobacco Trade & Abuse)

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On the Web: Articles

On the Web: Specialized Sites

American Legacy Foundation. Established by 1998 tobacco settlement in US.

American Lung Association.

Americans for Non-Smokers' Rights.

British Columbia Tobacco Facts.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms (US Dept. of the Treasury).

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

Center for Tobacco Control Research & Education (U of California, San Francisco).

Center for Tobacco Research & Intervention (U. of Wisconsin, Madison).

Common Sense Media.

Essential Action.

Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. International agreement signed in Spring 2003.

Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility.

International Tobacco Control Network.

Join Together. Take action against substance abuse & gun violence.

Nicotine Anonymous.

Quitting Tobacco (American Cancer Society).

Reality Check (campaign aimed at teen smoking).

Smoke Free Kids.

Smoke Free Movies.

Tobacco Free Initiative (WHO).


In the Library: Articles

Berry, John M. Jr. & Wendell Berry. "Why we need the tobacco program," Progressive (10/28/98):28-29. Proposed abolition of tobacco "subsidies" will benefit companies & foreign growers, hurt 60,000 US farm families & do nothing to diminish tobacco addiction.

Mckibben, Bill. "An American obsession," Orion (1-2/03)?.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Allen, Steve & Bill Adler Jr. The Passionate Nonsmoker's Bill of Rights: The First Guide to Enacting Nonsmoking Legislation (NY: Morrow, 1989).

American Council on Science & Health. Cigarettes: What the Warning Label Doesn't Tell You. The First Comprehensive Guide to the Health Consequences of Smoking (Amherst NY: Prometheus, 1997).

Brigham, Janet. Dying to Quit: Why We Smoke & How We Stop (Washington: Joseph Henry, 1998).

Brody, Alvan & Betty Brody. The Legal Rights of Nonsmokers (NY: Avon, 1977).

Chandler, William U. Banishing Tobacco (Washington: Worldwatch Institute, 1986).

Chapman, Simon with Wong Wai Leng. Tobacco Control in the Third World: A Resource Atlas (Penang: International Organization of Consumers Unions, 1990).

Chollat-Traquet, Claire. Women & Tobacco (Geneva: World Health Organization, 1992).

__________. Evaluating Tobacco Control Activities: Experiences & Guiding Principles (Geneva: World Health Organization, 1996).

Cunningham, Rob. Smoke & Mirrors: The Canadian Tobacco War (Ottawa: International Development Research Centre, 1996).

Dorsett, Richard & Allan Marsh. The Health Trap: Poverty, Smoking & Lone Parenthood (London: Policy Studies Institute, 1998).

Douville, Judith A. Active & Passive Smoking Hazards in the Workplace (NY: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1990).

Doyle, Nancy C. Involuntary Smoking: Health Risks for Nonsmokers (NY: Public Affairs Committee, 1987).

Eckholm, Erik P. Cutting Tobacco's Toll (Washington: Worldwatch, 1978).

Ferrence, Roberta G. Deadly Fashion: The Rise & Fall of Cigarette Smoking in North America (NY: Garland, 1989).

Friedman, Kenneth M. Public Policy & the Smoking-Health Controversy: A Comparative Study (Lexington MA: Lexington, 1975).

Gibbons, Henry. Tobacco & Its Effects: A Prize Essay Showing that the Use of Tobacco is a Physical, Mental, Moral, & Social Evil (NY: Carlton & Lahahan, 1868).

Glantz, Stanton H. Tobacco, Biology & Politics (Waco TX: Health Edco, 1992).

__________ & others (eds.) The Cigarette Papers (Berkeley: U. California, 1996).

__________ & Edith D. Balbach. Tobacco War: Inside the California Battles (Berkeley: U. California, 2000).

Goodin, Robert E. No Smoking: The Ethical Issues (Chicago: U. Chicago, 1989).

Jacobson, Peter D.; Jeffrey Wasserman & Kristiana Raube. The Political Evolution of Anti-Smoking Legislation (Santa Monica: RAND, 1992).

__________ & Jeffrey Wasserman. Tobacco Control Laws: Implementation & Enforcement (Santa Monica CA: RAND, 1997).

Manning, William G. & others. The Cost of Poor Health Habits (Cambridge MA: Harvard, 1991).

Tollison, Robert D. (ed.) Clearing the Air: Perspectives on Environmental Tobacco Smoke (Lexington MA: Lexington, 1988).

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