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In the Library: Articles:

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In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Aveling, Harry (ed.) The Development of Indonesian Society, from the Coming of Islam to the Present Day (St. Lucia, Queensland, 1980).

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In the Library: Fiction

Aveling, Harry (ed. & trans.) Gestapu: Indonesian Short Stories on the Abortive Communist Coup of 30 sept 1965 (Honolulu, 1975).

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In the Library: Poetry

Anwar, Chairil. The Complete Prose & Poetry of... (Albany, 1970).

Aveling, Harry (ed.) Contemporary Indonesian Poetry: Poems in Bahasa Indonesia & English (St. Lucia, Queensland, 1975).

Brown, Iem & Joan Davis (eds.) Di Serambi: On the Verandah. A Bilingual Anthology of Modern Indonesian Poetry (Cambridge, 1995).

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In the Library: Photography

Reed, Jane Levy (ed.) Toward Independence: A Century of Indonesia Photographed (San Francisco: Friends of Photography, 199?).

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