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El Salvador: Civil War (1980-1992)

(see also El Salvador to 1980, Oscar Arnulfo Romero & El Salvador since 1992)

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On the Web: Articles

Trial to Settle History Starts. Juliana Barbassa, Modesto Bee (8/25/04). Civil trial of retired Salvadoran Air Force captain & Modesto resident Alvaro Rafael Saravia assembles wide array of depositions concerning murder of Msgr. Oscar Romero in 1980.

The Battle for Human Rights in El Salvador (1975-1999). Mark Engler, Democracy Uprising (4/30/99).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Center for Justice & Accountability. Brought charges against Alvaro Rafael Saravia for murder of Msgr. Oscar Romero.

Ibermundo El Salvador.

In the Library: Articles

Almeida, Paul & Rubén Urbizagastegui. "Cutumay Camones: popular music in El Salvador's National Liberation Movement," Latin American Perspectives 26 (3/99):13-42.

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Killings at the Rio Sumpul.

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In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Alegría, Claribel y D.J. Flakoll. The Won't Take Me Alive [No me agarran viva] (London, 1983). Life story of a Christian guerrillera.

__________. Para romper el silencio. Resistencia y lucha en las cárceles salvadoreñas (México, 1984).

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In the Library: Fiction

In the Library: For Young Readers

In the Library: Poetry

Escudos, Jacinta. "San Salvador 1983" in Partnoy, Alicia. You Can't Drown the Fire: Latin American Women Writing in Exile (San Francisco: Cleis, 1988), pp. 214-17.

Murguía, Alejandro & Barbara Paschke (eds.) Volcán: Poems from Central America (San Francisco: City Lights, 1983). Bilingual ed. of poems by Mercedes Durand, Jaime Suárez Quemain, Lil Milagro Ramírez, Ricardo Castorrivas, Alfonso Quijada Urías, Claribel Alegría, Roberto Armijo, Tirso Canales & Roque Dalton.

Pastora. "The people's teachers" & "Construction" in Partnoy, Alicia. You Can't Drown the Fire: Latin American Women Writing in Exile (San Francisco: Cleis, 1988), pp. 181-82

In the Library: Drama

In the Library: Photography

CD & Audio

Film & Video

"All the Love" [1987], dir. ? . 26m. In Spanish, interviews with wounded Salvadoran combatants evacuated to Cuba for treatment & rehabilitation, from El Salvador Media Project

"Breaking the Ice" [1984], dir. ?. 15m. From El Salvador Media Project. Explores "new opening" by trade unions in face of government repression & "disappearance" of union activists.

"Commander Clelia" [1984], dir. ? . 28m. From El Salvador Media Project. Interviews with five political prisoners, including FMLN Commander Lilian Mercedes Letona (Clelia), released under June 1983 amnesty.

"Dateline San Salvador" [198?], dir. ?. 30m. From Syracuse Alternative Media Network. Crisis moves people to set aside fear & make public their dissatisfaction despite threat of repression. .

"Decision to Win" [1981], dir. ? . 75m. From El Salvador Media Project. Documents daily life in FMLN-controlled zone, focussing more on production, health care & popular democracy than war.

"Enemies of War" (PBS Special).

"For a Woman in El Salvador Speaking" [1985], dir. Sara Halprin, 8m. From El Salvador Media Project. Dramatic poem in sign language, Spanish & English celebrating women's strength in face of terrible loss.

"Four Images of the Revolution" [1984], dir. ?, 60m. Four aspects of life in FMLN-controlled area: health care, cooperative farming, tribute to women, & portrait of children.

"Guazapa: the Face of War in El Salvador" (1984), dir. Don North. 37m. From Cinema Guild. Life in FMLN-controlled area: soldiers help harvest crops, educate children & provide health care in midst of war.

"In the Name of Democracy: Life, Death & Elections in El Salvador" [1982], dir. Pamela Cohen & José Ponce, 31m. From Cinema Guild. Records badly flawed US-sponsored elections to Constitutional Assembly in 1982, from Cinema Guild.

"Letter from Morazan" [1981], dir. ?, 75m. From El Salvador Media Project. Letter recounting FMLN campaign of 7-8/82 , including interview with captured Vice-Minister of Defense.

"Look at My People, How They Struggle" [1985], dir. ?, 27m. From El Salvador Media Project. Documents wartime lives of Salvadoran women.

"Maria's Story" [1991], dir. Pamela Cohen, Catherine M. Ryan & Monona Wali, 53m. From Filmakers' Library. Profile of 39-yr. old mother of three & guerrilla leader.

"A Question of Conscience: The Murder of the Six Jesuit Priests in El Salvador" [199?], dir. Ilan Ziv, 43m. From Palisades Video.

"The Road to Liberty" [1983], dir.?, 29m. From Cinema Guild. Portrays social innovations in FMLN-controlled areas.

"Romero" [199?], dir. John Dugan, 105m. In video stores.

"Rosalina" [1987], dir. Leslie Jenkins. 23m. From First Run/Icarus. Salvadoran girl in Honduran refugee camp goes to school, helps mother, plays with friends & dreams of returning home.

"Roses in December" [198?], dir. Bernard Stone, 56m. From Palisades Video.

"Salvador" [1985], dir. Oliver Stone,122m. In video stores. Based on writings of war correspondent Robert Boyle, takes a realistic view of Salvadoran civil conflict.

"Sowing Hope" [1983], dir. ? . 27m. From El Salvador Media Project. Interviews (incl. one with Archbishop Romero) exploring lives of Christians in guerrilla-controlled zones.

"The Situation" [1986], dir. ?. 91m. Two years of daily life in war-torn El Salvador, seen by US film crew living withSalvadorn family. Features photojournalist Richard Boyle.

"Stories from Cuscatlan" [1989], dir. Peter Chappell & Jane Ryder, 52m. From First Run/Icarus. Personal stories of ordinary people.

"Testimony: The Maria Guardado Story" [2001], dir. Randy Vásquez, 63m. From Latin America Video Archives. Exiled torture victim returns to confront painful past in El Salvador.

"Time of Daring" [1983], dir. ?. 40m. From El Salvador Media Project. Both sides of civil war.

"Two Types of Peace" (1984), dir. ?, 8m. From El Salvador Media Project. Peace as sought by women of oligarchy, & by Mothers' Committee of Disappeared.

"Voces inocentes" [2004], dir. Luis Mandoki, 120m. Graphic picture of life for ordinary Salvadorans during Civil War, & process of forced recruitment into the army.

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