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2000 Elections

(see also Presidential Politics & Electoral Reform)

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On the Web: Articles

Katherine Harris & the 2000 Election in Florida.

Ambling into Nonsense, Eric Alterman, American Prospect (5/20/02). On Frank Bruni’s non-coverage of Bush & 2000 election in Ambling into History.

Democracy Begins at Home: The 2000 election must not be forgotten, John Nichols, In These Times (11/9/01)
Consequences of 2000 election crisis as great as those of 9/11 attacks

Florida's Flawed "Voter-Cleansing" Program. Gregory Palast, Salon (12/4/00). How Florida Sec. of State Katherine Harris kept thousands of black citizens from voting.

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Gore 2004. Includes details on how he was robbed in 2000.

Voter March.

In the Library: Articles

Bugliosi, Vincent. "None dare call it treason," Nation (2/5/01).

Goldstein, Richard. "Progressives could choose the next president, for better or worse," Village Voice (9/19/00).

Lemann, Nicholas. "Gore without a script. What would happen if we saw the man he really is?" New Yorker (7/31/00).

Nichols, John. "Democracy begins at home. The 2000 election must not be forgotten," In These Times (12/10/01):10-12. Need for electoral reforms now more urgent than ever.

Zinn, Howard. "Delusion 2000: how the candidates view the world," Progressive (3/00):22-23.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

In the Library: Fiction

Ackerman, Bruce (ed.) Bush vs. Gore: The Question of Legitimacy (New Haven: Yale, 2002).

Bugliosi, Vincent & others. The Betrayal of America (NY: Nation Books, 2002).

Dershowitz, Alan M. Supreme Injustice: How the High Court Hijacked Election 2000 (NY: Oxford, 2001).

Gillman, Howard. The Votes that Counted: How the Court Decided the 2000 Presidential Election (Chicago: U. Chicago, 2003).

Gumbel, Andrew. Steal This Vote: Dirty Elections & the Rotten History of Democracy in America (NY: Nation, 2005). Current shenanigans by no means unprecedented. Out & out fraud has tended over time to be replaced by disinformation & various devices aimed at suppressing free exercise of people's right to vote. Gives too-short shrift to available methods for improving situation, such as Oregon's highly successful vote-by-mail system.

Jacobson, Arthur J. & Michel Rosenfeld (eds.) The Longest Night: Polemics & Perspectives on Election 2000 (Berkeley: U. California, 2002).

Kellner, Douglas. Grand Theft 2000: Media Spectacle & a Stolen Election (Lanham MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2001).

Nichols, John. Jews for Buchanan: Did You Hear the One about the Theft of the American Presidency? (NY: New Press, 2001).

Witcover, Jules. No Way to Pick a President: How Money & Hired Guns Have Debased American Elections (NY: Routledge, 2001).

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CD & Audio

Film & Video

"Crashing the Party: The Democratic Convention 2000" [2001], dir. Richard Ray Pérez.

"Unprecedented: the 2000 Presidential Election" [2002], dir. Richard Ray Pérez & Joan Sekler, 90m. From Shout! Factory.

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