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Electoral Reform

(see also Disenfranchisement, Campaign Finance Reform & Electoral Participation)

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Many useful ideas included in recently proposed Voter Bill of Rights:

1. Paper trail for touch-screen voting machines.

2. Independent, non-partisan & transparent oversight.

3. Election Day as national holiday, celebrating our democracy.

4. Maximize voter access.

5. Count every vote.

6. Re-enfranchise ex-felons.

7. Instant runoff voting (IRV).

8. Public financing & equal air-time for all candidates.

9. Easier access to ballot & debates for third party candidates.

10. Abolish the Electoral College.

On the Web: Articles

The Ripple Effect. Jennifer Gonnerman, Village Voice (10/12/04). Confusion over felon voting bans keeps even eligible from polls.

Soaries Confronts Voting Reform Obstacles. Erica Werner, Associated Press (6/21/04).

Welcome to the Machine: Glitch Wins By a Landslide. Ben Tripp, CounterPunch (2/20/03).

US Elections Need International Observers. Garry M. Leech, Mother Jones (10/12/00).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Black Box Voting.

Californians for Electoral Reform.

California Instant Runoff Voting Coalition.

Center for Voting & Democracy.

California Voter Foundation.

Code Pink Women for Peace. Circulating Voter Bill of Rights.

Election Reform Information Project.

Fair Vote Minnesota.

Global Exchange. Circulating Voter Bill of Rights.

Independent Progressive Politics Network.

Instant Runoff Voting (IRV).

League of Women Voters.

Move On.

New Majority Education Fund.

Open Voting Consortium.

Reclaim Democracy.

US Elections Assistance Commission.

Verified Voting.

Voter March.

Voter's Bill of Rights.

In the Library: Articles

Anderson, John B. "Flunk the Electoral College, pass instant runoffs," Progressive (1/01):17-19.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Ackerman, Bruce & Ian Ayres. Voting with Dollars: A New Paradigm for Campaign Finance (New Haven: Yale, 2002).

__________ & James S. Fishkin. Deliberation Day (New Haven: Yale, 2004).

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Bybee, Keith J. Mistaken Identity: The Supreme Court & the Politics of Minority Representation (Princeton: Princeton, 1998).

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Gumbel, Andrew. Steal This Vote: Dirty Elections & the Rotten History of Democracy in America (NY: Nation, 2005). Current shenanigans by no means unprecedented. Out & out fraud has tended over time to be replaced by disinformation & various devices aimed at suppressing free exercise of people's right to vote. Gives too-short shrift to available methods for improving situation, such as Oregon's highly successful vote-by-mail system.

Powell, G. Bingham Jr. Elections as Instruments of Democracy: Majoritarian & Proportional Visons (New Haven: Yale, 2000).

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"Electile Dysfunction" [2005] dir?, ?m.

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