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Wind Power

(see also Energy Self-Sufficiency)

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On the Web: Articles

Developing Methods to Reduce Bird Mortality in the Altamont Pass Wind Resource Area. Public Interest Energy Research Program (8/04).

Peril in the Wind Industry. Kimberly Edds, Washington Post (12/24/03). Bird mortality at Altamont Pass.

One Word: Wind. Mollie Ivins, AlterNet (6/19/03).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

American Wind Energy Association.

Australian Wind Energy Association.

Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

British Wind Energy Association.

Canadian Wind Energy Association.

Danish Wind Industry Association.

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (US DOE).

European Wind Energy Association.

Green-e (Renewable Electricity Certification Program).

Green Festivals.

Gaia Foundation. Promoting renewable energy technologies in Malta.

Interstate Renewable Energy Council.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

National Wind Technology Center.

Natural Resources Defense Council.

Renewable Choice Energy.

Resources for the Future.

Wind Builders.

In the Library: Articles

Chiles, James. "A second wind," Smithsonian 30,12 (3/00):50-59. Windpower on the Great Plains.

Coles, R.W. & J. Taylor. "Wind power & planning. The environmental impact of windfarming in the UK," Land Use Policy 10,3 (7/93):205-26.

Sullivan, Robert. "Wind shift," New Yorker (1/27/03):30. Problems of siting new installations on & near Long Island, in response to Gov. Pataki's call for NY State to develop renewable resources for 25% of its electricity within ten years!

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Burton, Tony et al. Wind Energy: A Handbook (NY: Wiley, 2001).

Hinson, Peter (ed.)Wind Energy 1999: Wind Power Comes of Age (Bury St. Edmonds: Professional Engineering, 2000).

Est, Quirinus Cornelis van. Winds of Change: A Comparative Study of the Politics of Wind Energy Innovation in California & Denmark (Utrecht: International, 1999).

European Wind Energy Conference. Wind Energy for the Next Millennium (London: James & James, 1999).

Flavin, Christopher. Wind Power: A Turning-Point (Washington: Worldwatch, 1981).

Gipe, Paul. Wind Power for Home & Business: Renewable Energy for the 1990s & Beyond (White River Jct. VT: Chelsea Green, 1993).

__________. Wind Energy Comes of Age (NY: Wiley, 1995).

__________. Wind Energy Basics: A Guide to Small & Micro Wind Systems (White River Jct. VT: Chelsea Green, 1999).

Inglis, David Rittenhouse. Wind Power & Other Energy Options (Ann Arbor: U. Michigan, 1978).

Johnson, Gary L. Wind Energy Systems (Englewood Cliffs: Prentice-Hall, 1985).

Mikhail, Amir. Wind Power for Developing Nations (Springfield VA: National Technical Information Service, 1981).

Park, Jack. The Wind Power Book (Palo Alto CA: Cheshire, 1981).

Pasqualetti, Martin J; Paul Gipe & Robert W. Righter. Wind Power in View: Energy Landscapes in a Crowded World (San Diego: Academic, 2002).

Redlinger, Robert Y.; Per Dannemand Andersen & Poul Erik Morthorst. Wind Energy in the 21st Century: Economics, Policy, Technology, & the Changing Electricity Industry (NY: Palgrave, 2002).

Righter, Robert W. Wind Energy in America: A History (Norman: U. Oklahoma, 1996).

Swift-Hook, D.T.(ed.) Wind Energy & the Environment (NY: Paul Peregrinus, 1989).

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CD & Audio

Film & Video

"Wind: Energy for the 1990s & Beyond" [1991], by John C. Merritt, 25m. From the Video Project.

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