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Energy Self-Sufficiency

(see also Wind Power, Solar Energy, Auto Mania & Petroleum Trade)

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On the Web: Articles

On the Web: Specialized Sites

American Coalition for Ethanol.

Clean Edge.

Equiterre Canadians at work for fair trade, ecological agriculture, sustainable transportation & energy efficiency.

Green Festivals

HopeDance California magazine for sustainable living.

National Biodiesel Board.

Northeast Sustainable Energy Association.

Resources for the Future.

World Energy Alternatives.

In the Library: Articles

Forsythe, Dall W. "An energy-scarce society: the politics & possibilities," Working Papers for a New Society 2,1 (spr 74):3-13.

Locke, Michelle. "Oceans of energy await harnessing," San Francisco Chronicle (9/17/01). Berkeley startup to replace diesel engines with offshore wave-powered generators, most expensive renewable energy so far. But .2% of ocean's wave power could power the world.

Mckibben, Bill. "An American obsession," Orion (1-2/03).

Webber, Tammy. "Chicago sets goal for cleaner energy," San Francisco Chronicle (07/06/01). Within five years Chicago will derive 20% of its energy from renewable sources, & be country’s center for manufacturing & developing green technology.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Beder, Sharon. Power Play: The Fight to Control the World’s Electricity (NY: New Press, 2003).

Hahnel, Robin. The ABCs of Political Economy: A Modern Approach (London: Pluto, 2002).

Hoffmann, Peter. Tomorrow’s Energy. Hydrogen, Fuel Cells, & the Prospects for a Cleaner Planet (Cambridge MA: MIT, 2001).

Lipschutz, Ronnie D. & others. The Energy Saver's Handbook: For Town & City People (Emmaus PA: Rodale, 1982).

Ridgway, James & Bettina Conner. New Energy: Understanding the Crisis & a Guide to an Alternative Energy System (Boston: Beacon, 1975).

__________ with Carolyn S. Projansky. Energy-Efficient Community Planning: A Guide to Saving Energy & Producing Power at the Local Level (Emmaus PA: JG Press, 1979).

__________. Powering Civilization: The Complete Energy Reader (NY: Pantheon, 1982).

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CD & Audio

"Power of the Wind," by Greg Artzner & Terry Leonino. On their Magpie Give Light, Sliced Bread Records CD-lSB71185.

Film & Video

Monterey Bay Educators Against War
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