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Environmental Destruction

(see also Water Abuse, Toxic Waste, Fisheries Abuse, War vs. Environment, Global Warming & Extinction of Species)

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On the Web: Articles

The Beef with Wolves. Jessica Lyons, AlterNet (1/6/03).

Making the Blooms Desert, Jessica McCallin, Red Pepper (5/02). Why Israel won't give up occupied territories.

Moving Target on Policy Battlefield, Eric Pianin, Washington Post (5/2/02). Bush's War on Honest Science

September 11th Environmental Hypocrisy, Jackie Alan Giuliano, Environment News Service (4/26/02). Critics charge EPA coverup of toxic substances at World Trade Center; rescue workers gravely ill.

Greens Get Eaten, George Monbiot, Guardian (1/22/02). Corporations hire prominent environmentalists for PR work, threatening entire environmentalist movement.

FAO approves landmark pact to save crop variety, David Brough, Reuters (11/5/01). UN Food & Agriculture Organization approves framework to protect genetic diversity of crops.

On the Web: Specialized Sites


League of Conservation Voters

Rachel's Environment & Health News

In the Library: Articles

Davidson, Osha Gray. "Dirty Secrets," Mother Jones (9-10/2003): 49-53. No president has gone after the nation’s environmental laws with as much fury as G.W. Bush, & none has been so adept at staying under the radar.

Cummins, Chip. "Off-road vehicles now ply waters of Southwest Texas," Wall Street Journal (4/22/02).Four- wheel drivers use riverbed as off-road course; impact of erosion, exhaust fumes, leaking fluids uncertain.

Hertsgaard, Mark. "A global green deal," Nation (2/1/99):18-21. How government can help save planet.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Beinart, William & Peter Coates. Environment & History: The Taming of Nature in the USA & South Africa (London: Routledge, 1995).

Brimblecombe, P. & C. Pfister (eds.) The Silent Countdown: Essays in Environmental History (Berlin: Springer, 1990)

Cagin, Seth. Between Earth & Sky: How CFCs Changed Our World & Endangered the Ozone Layer (NY: Pantheon, 1993).

Cioc, Mark. The Rhine: An Eco-Biography, 1815-2000 (Seattle: U. of Washington, 2002)..

Faber, Danel. Environment Under Fire: Imperialism & Ecological Crisis in Central America (NY: Monthly Review, 1995).

__________ (ed.) The Struggle for Ecological Democracy. Environmental Justice Movements in the United States (NY, 1998).

Hertsgaard, Mark. Earth Odyssey. Around the World in Search of our Environmental Future (NY: Broadway, 1998).

Jensen, Derrick. A Language Older Than Words (NY: Context, 2000).

Kennedy, Robert F. Jr. Crimes Against Nature: How George W. Bush & His Corporate Pals Are Plundering the Country & Hijacking Our Democracy (San Francisco: HarperCollins, 2004).

Leonard, H. Jeffrey (ed.) Divesting Nature's Capital: The Political Economy of Environmental Destruction in the Third World (NY: Holmes & Meier, 1985).

Lerner, Steve. Diamond: A Struggle for Environmental Justice in Louisiana's Chemical Corridor (Cambridge MA: MIT, 2006).

Moyers, Bill. Welcome to Doomsday (NY: NY Review, 2006). Environmental policy & growing power evangelical right.

Pope, Carl & Paul Rauber. Strategic Ignorance: Why the Bush Administration is Recklessly Destroyng a Century of Environmental Progress (San Francisco: Sierra Club, 2006).

Ridgway, James. A Pocket Guide to Environmental Bad Guys (NY: Thunder's Mouth, 1998).

Roan, S. The Ozone Crisis: The Fifteen Year Evolution of a Sudden Global Emergency (London: Wiley, 1989).

Seidel, Peter. Invisible Walls. Why We Ignore the Damage We Inflict on the Planet...And Ourselves (Amhers NY: Prometheus, 1999).

Shutkin, William A. The Land that Could Be: Environmentalism & Democracy in the 21st Century (Cambridge, MA 2001).

Simms, Andrew. Ecological Debt: The Health of the Planet & the Wealth of Nations (London: Pluto, 2005).

Tucker, Richard P. Insatiable Appetite. The US & the Ecological Degradation of the Tropical World (Berkeley: U. California, 2000).

White, Rodney R. North, South & the Environmental Crisis (Toronto: U. Toronto, 199?).

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