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Global Warming

(see also Air Pollution, Auto Mania & Environmental Destruction)

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On the Web: Articles

No Margin for Error. Bob Herbert, NY Times (6/20/02). Sums up current state of crisis.

A Week of Coups, But Now The Freedom Train Hits Town, David Wilson, Counterpunch (4/22/02). Bush ousts head of IPCC who called for urgent action to curb global warming.

US & Oil Lobby Oust Climate Change Scientist, Julian Borger, Guardian (4/20/02). More proof that energy companies direct US energy policy.

Research Confirms Life on Earth Affected by Global Warming, (n.a.) Earth Observatory (4/16/02). Climate changes increase difficulty of predicting effects based on eco-history of species/area.

Global Warming, Are We Doing the Right Thing?, Bjorn Lomborg (8/14/01). Adapting to global warming might be less costly than cutting CO2 emissions.

Kyoto Protocol To The U.N. Framework Convention On Climate Change (12/1/97). Text of Kyoto Protocol.

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Arctic Climate Impact Assessment.

Climate Ark.

Climate Institute.

George C. Marshall Institute.

Global Change Master Directory (NASA).

Global Warming: Focus on the Future.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

National Resources Defense Council.

Rachel's Environment & Health News.

Union of Concerned Scientists.

World Climate Report.

In the Library: Articles

Borenstein, Seth. "Heat is on in Alaska," San Jose Mercury News (8/19/03):1F, 4F.

Dobson, Andrew. "Withering heats," Natural History 101 (9/92):2-8.

Frazier, Ian. “As the world burns,” Mother Jones (3-4/03):36-39.

Horgan, J.T. "Greenhouse America: a global warming may destroy US forests & wetlands," Scientific American 260 (1/89):20-21.

Johansen, Bruce E. "Arctic heat wave," Progressive (10/01):18-20.

Knickerbocker, Brad. "States take the lead on global warming," Christian Science Monitor (10/10/03):12.

Kristof, Nicholas D. "Island nations fear sea could swamp them," NY Times (12/1/97): F9.

Rosen, Yereth. "Alaska's not-so-permanent frost," Christian Science Monitor (10/7/03):1,10.

Spotts, Peter N. "Melting ice at the world's rooftop stirs concern," Christian Science Monitor (10/30/03):2-3.

Woodard, Colin. "The Danube & Europe's other rivers thirst for water," Christian Science Monitor (10/2/03).

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Abrahamson, D.E. The Challenge of Global Warming (Washington: Island, 1989).

Athanasiou, Tom. US Politics & Global Warming (Westfield NJ: Open Media, 1991).

Athanasiou, Tom & Paul Baer. Dead Heat: Global Justice & Global Warming (NY: Seven Stories, 2002).

Bernard, Harold W. Jr. Global Warming Unchecked: Signs to Watch For (Bloomington: Indiana U., 1993).

Brown, Paul. Global Warming: Can Civilization Survive? (London: Blanford, 1966).

Christianson, Gale E. Greenhouse: The 200-Year Story of Global Warming (NY: Walker, 1999).

Gelbspan, Ross. The Heat is On: The Climate Crisis, the Cover-up, the Prescription (Reading MA: Perseus, 1998).

Jack, Ian (ed.) This Overheating World (London: Granta, 2003).

Klinenberg, Eric. Heat Wave: A Social Autopsy of Disaster in Chicago (Chicago: U. Chicago, 2002).

Kravchik, Michal. New Theory of Global Warming (?:?, 2001).

Leggett, Jeremy. Carbon War (NY: Routledge, 2001).

Lipschutz, Ronnie D. Institutionalizing Global Climate Management: Some Lessons from Natural Resource Regimes, Some Thoughts About Implementation (Berkeley CA: Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment & Security, 1990).

Monbiot, George. Heat: How to Stop the Planet Burning (NY: Allen Lane, 2006).

Singer, S. Fred. Hot Talk, Cold Science: Global Warming's Unfinished Debate (Oakalnd CA: Independent Institute, 1997).

Souder, William. A Plague of Frogs (NY: Hyperion, 2000).

Speth, James Gustave. Red Sky at Morning: America & the Crisis of the Global Environment (New Haven: Yale Nota Bene, 2004).

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