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Mexico: Women's History

(see also Latin America: Women, Mexico, Mexico: Porfiriato, Mexico: Revolution, Mexico: Revolutionary Consolidation, Mexico: PRI Regime, Mexico since 2000, Mexico: Food & Agriculture, Mexico: Labor Movement, Mexico: Church, Mexico: La Capital, Mexico-US Border & Juárez Murders)

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On the Web: Articles

On the Web: Specialized Sites

CIMAC Noticias.

Independent Media Center (Mexico).

Semillas: Sociedad Mexicana pro Derechos de la Mujer.

In the Library: Articles

Bliss, Katherine. "The science of redemption: syphilis, sexual promiscuity & reformism in revolutionary Mexico City," Hispanic American Historical Review 79,1 (2/99):1-40.

Macías, Anna. "Felipe Carrillo Puerto & women's liberation in Mexico," in A. Lavrin (ed.) Latin American Women: Historical Perspectives (Westport CT: Greenwood, 1978), pp. 286-301.

Soto, Shirlene. "Yucatan's leadership in the women's movement: the first & second Feminist Congresses, 1916," in A. del Castillo (ed.) Between Borders: Essays on Mexicana/Chicana History ( Berkeley, 1988).

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Bliss, Katherine Elaine. Compromised Positions: Prostitution, Public Health & Gender Politics in Revolutionary Mexico City (University Park: Pennsylvania State U., 2001).

García, Carola. Revistas femeninas: la mujer como objeto de consumo (México: El Caballito, 1980).

Hayman, Bonnie. Tina Modotti: A Tale of Love & Revolution (Mountain View CA: Floricanto, 2003).

LeVine, Sarah with Clara Sunderland Correa. Dolor y Alegría: Women & Social Change in Urban México (Madison: U. Wisconsin, 1993).

Fowler-Salamini, Heather & Mary Kay Vaughan (eds.) Women of the Mexican Countryside, 1850-1990 (Tucson: U. of Arizona, 1994).

Porter, Susie S. Working Women in Mexico City: Public Discourses & Material Conditions, 1879-1931 (Tucson: U. of Arizona, 2003).

Rodríguez, Victoria E. Women in Contemporary Mexican Politics (Austin: U. of Texas, 2003).

Schuessler, Michael K. Elena Poniatowska: An Intimate Biography (Tucson: U. of Arizona, 2007).

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CD & Audio

Film & Video

"Como agua para chocolate" [1992], dir. Alfonso Arau, 123m. In video stores.

"Danzón" [1991], dir. María Novaro, 120m. In video stores.

"Flowers for Guadalupe: The Virgin of Guadalupe Inspires Mexican Women" [1996], dir. Judith Gleason & Elisa Mereghetti, 57m. From Filmakers' Library. Introduces 23 activist women of various ages & distinct walks of life, on a pilgrimage to Basilica of Guadalupe.

"Frida" [2002], dir. Julie Taymor, 123m. In video stores.

"María de mi corazón" [1979], dir. Jaime Humberto Hermosillo, 137m.

"Y tu mamá también" [2001], dir. Alfonso Cuarón, 105m.

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