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Mexico-US Border

(see also Mexico, Mexico: Porfiriato, Mexico: Revolution, Mexico: PRI Regime, Drug Trade & Abuse, War on Drugs, Mexico: Women's History, Mexican American Life & Values, Mexican American Movements & Ciudad Juárez Murders)

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Border Action Network.

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Independent Media Center (Mexico).

Special issue on Mexico & US

In the Library: Articles

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In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

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CD & Audio

Film & Video

"The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez" [1982], dir. Robert M. Young, 104m. In video stores.

"Crosses (Cruces)" [2002], dir. Laura I. Arvizu, 18m. From Latin American Video Archives. Border crossing much more dangerous since inauguration of Operation Gatekeeper in 1995.

"Crossing Arizona" [2006], dir. Joseph Mathew & Dan DeVivo, ?m. From Cinema Guild.

"El Mariachi" [199?], dir. Roberto Rodríguez, 81m. In video stores.

"From the Other Side" [2003], dir. Chantal Akerman, 99m. Immigrants & vigilantes at the Arizona border.

“Frontier Life” [2003], dir. Hans Fjellestad, 85m.

"El jardín del Edén (The Garden of Eden)" [1994], dir. María Novaro, 104m.

"Lone Star" [1996], dir. John Sayles, 135m. In video stores.

"Maquila: a Tale of Two Mexicos" [2000], dir. Saul Landau & Sonia Angulo, 55m. From Cinema Guild.

"Natives" [1992], dir. Jesse Lerner & Scott Sterling, 25m. From Filmakers' Library. Studies xenophobia & racism of some patriotic Americans living along CA's border with Mexico.

"Sin dejar huella (Without a Trace)" [2001], dir. María Novaro, 105m.

"Touch of Evil" [1958], dir. Orson Welles, 108m. In video stores.

"Traffic" [2000], dir. Steven Soderbergh, 147m. In video stores.

"The Valley of Tears" [2003], dir. Hart Perry, 82m. From Seventh Art Releasing. Long struggle for farm workers' rights in the lower Rio Grande valley.

"Walking the Line" [2006], dir. Jeremy Levine & Landon Van Soest, ?m. From Filmakers Library.

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