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Disabled Rights Movement

(see also Disabled People's History, Life & Values, Deaf People's History, Life & Values & Blind People's History, Life & Values)

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American Disabled for Attendant Programs Today (ADAPT).

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990.

Californians for Disability Rights.

Center for Independent Living. Est. 1972 in Berkeley, CA; first of over 200 around country.

Council for Disability Rights.

Disability Home Page (UK Dept. for Work & Pensions).

Disability Rights Advocates.

Disability Rights Commission (UK).

Disability & Society. Scholarly journal.

Disability Rights Advocates.

Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund.

Disability Statistics Center.

Disabled Peoples' International.

Guide to Disability Rights Laws (US Dept. of Justice, Civil Rights Division).

Independent Living Institute.

Leadership Council on Civil Rights.

Mobility International USA.

Mouth: Voice of the Disability Nation.

National Council on Disability.

Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights (PACER).

Ragged Edge Magazine.

Social Security Disability Secrets. Set up by a retired Social Security disability claims examiner, to help people find their way to benefits that the system makes it difficult to find out about.

Society for Disability Studies.

UN Enable (program of the UN's Division for Social Policy & Development).

World Institute on Disability.

In the Library: Articles

Charlton, James I. "The disability rights movement & the Left," Monthly Review 46,3 (7-8/94):77-85.

Hayashi, Reiko & Masako Okuhira. "The Disability Rights Movement in Japan: past, present & future," Disability & Society 16,6 (2001):855-70.

Johnson, Mary. "Disabling a civil right," Nation (2/11/02). Supreme Court sets back cause of disabled people by removing legal remedy for job discrimination due to physical impairment.

Kriegel, Leonard. "Uncle Tom & Tiny Tim: some reflections on the cripple as Negro," American Scholar (1969):412-30.

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Zola, Irving Kenneth. "Self, identity & the naming question: reflections on the language of disability," Social Science & Medicine 36,2 (1993):167-73.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Acemoglu, Daron. Consequences of Employment Protection: The Case of the Americans with Disabilities Act (Cambridge MA: National Bureau of Economic Research, 1998).

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Fleischer, Doris Zames & Frieda Zames. The Disability Rights Movement: From Charity to Conformity (Philadelphia, 2001). Survey of the political, legal & social activism through which disabled people have defined their own reality.

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Scotch, Richard K. From Good Will to Civil Rights: Transforming Disability Policy [1984] (Philadelphia: Temple, 2001). Examines impact of Section 504 of 1973 Vocational & Rehabilitation Act, influential antecedent to Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

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Wendell, Susan. The Rejected Body: Feminist Philosophical Reflections on Disability (NY: Routledge, 1996).

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"The Desperate Miles" [1975], dir. Daniel Haller, 90m. TV movie. Disabled vet sets out on 180-mile trip in wheelchair.

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