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World War II at Home

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Anderson, C. LeRoy; Joanne R. Anderson & Yunosuke Ohkura (eds.) No Longer Silent: World-Wide Memories of the Children of World War II (Missoula MT: Pictorial Histories, 1995).

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In the Library: Fiction

Breuer, William P. The Air-Raid Warden Was a Spy, & Other Tales from Home-Front America in World War II (Hoboken NJ: Wiley, 2003).

Piercy, Marge. Gone to Soldiers [1987] (NY: Fawcett, 1988).

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Film & Video

"America Goes to War: The Home Front, World War II" [1998], dir. Anthony Ross Potter & Frank J. De Meo, 262m. From Columbia River Entertainment Group.

"The Good War & Those Who Refused to Fight It" [2000], dir. Rick Tejada-Flores & Judith Ehrlich, 57m. From Bullfrog Films.

"Good Work Sister!: Women Shipyard Workers of World War II, An Oral History" [1982], by Northwest Women's History Project, 20m.

"The Life & Times of Rosie the Riveter" [1987], dir. Connie Field, 65m. From Direct Cinema Ltd.

"Rosie the Riveter" [1943], dir. John C. Graham.

"Rosie, the Riveter" [1944], dir. Joseph Santley.

"Since You Went Away" [1990], by CBS Fox Video, 179m.

"Two Women" [?], dir. Vittorio de Sica, 105m.

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