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War Toys

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On the Web: Articles

The Killing Game. Gary Webb, Sacramento News & Review (10/14./04). For young men, first-person shooters are the hottest computer games around. That's why the Army has spent $10 million making one of its own.

Are War Toys More Acceptable Now? April Austin, Christian Science Monitor (8/5/03).

Terrorism Unleashes More War Toys. Nanette Asimov (SF Chronicle), Detroit Free Press (2/27/03).

War Toys & the National Character. Pierre Tristam, Counterpunch (12/27/02).

Barbie Doesn't Play Here. Krissah Williams, Washington Post (12/22/02).

Toy Makers Catch War Fever. Dick Dahl, Join Together (12/16/02).

JC Penney's Catalog: Toy Soldier Commandeers Barbie's Dream House. Eric Garris, AntiWar (9/27/02).

War Toys: PGS Briefing Paper. Darlene Hammell, Physicians for Global Survival (n.d.)

Just Say No to War Toys. Media Awareness Network (n.d.)

War Toys for Boys! A. Neeley Hall, Lindsay Books (n.d.)

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Lion & Lamb Project.

War Toys: Active Peace-Making Art.

In the Library: Articles

Andreas, C. "War toys & the peace movement," Journal of Social Issues 25,1 (1969):83-99.

Anderson, Craig A. & Karen E. Dill. "Video games & aggressive thoughts, feelings & behavior in the laboratory & in life," Journal of Personality & Social Psychology 78 (2000):772-90.

Turner, C.W.& D. Goldsmith. "Effects of toy guns & airplanes on children's anti-social free play behavior," Journal of Experimental Child Psychology 21 (1976):303-315.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Carlson Paigge, N. & D.E. Levin. The War Play Dilemma: Balancing Needs & Values in the Early Childhood Classroom (NY: Teacher's College, 1987).

Gibson, James W. Warrior Dreams: Paramilitary Culture in Post-Vietnam America (NY, 199?).

Gilligan, James. Violence. Reflections on a National Epidemic (NY, 1996).

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