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Vietnam War

(see also Vietnam: Before 1965, Vietnam: Since 1975, Antiwar Movements Past, Military Conscription, Conscientious Objection, Christian Pacificism, New Left 1960s, Agent Orange, Vietnamese American History, Life & Values, & Hmong American History, Life & Values)

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Suicides among Vietnam War veterans have now exceeded the numbers of Americans lost in the war. Forty per cent of homeless men in the US are veterans.

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Musarium: Vietnam Inc. Phillip Jones Griffiths.

In the Library: Articles

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In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

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In the Library: Fiction

Cantrell, Nancy Tran. Seeds of Hope (Plymouth VT: Five Corners, 1999).

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In the Library: For Young Readers

In the Library: Poetry

Ehrhart, W.D. Unaccustomed Mercy: Soldier-Poets of the Vietnam War (Lubbock TX, 1989?).

__________. Carrying the Darkness. The Poetry of the Vietnam War (Lubbock TX, 1989?).

In the Library: Drama

In the Library: Photography

Harrison-Hall, Jessica with Sherry Buchanan, Thu Stern & Katherine Lockett. Vietnam: Behind-the-Lines Images from the War, 1965-1975 (London: British Museum, 2002).

Riboud, Marc. North Vietnam: Face of North Vietnam (NY, 1970).

CD & Audio

Film & Video

"Apocalypse Now" [1979], dir. Francis Ford Coppola, 153m, 202m, in expanded "Redux" version. In video stores. War is madness.

"Casualties of War" [1989], dir. Brian de Palma, 113m. In video stores. Village girl captured by squad of five soldiers, of whom four rape & kill her & the fifth seeks justice.

"Full Metal Jacket" [1987], dir. Stanley Kubrick, 116m. In video stores. Dehumanization of Marine recruits from training through combat.

"Hearts & Minds" [1974], dir. Peter Davis, 112m. Influential anti-war documentary on background & attitudes of people on both sides of conflict.

"Jacob's Ladder" [1990], dir. Adrian Lyne, 115m. Postal worker struggles with memories of earlier trauma, including service in Vietnam.

"Platoon" [1986], dir. Oliver Stone, 120m. In video stores. Horrors & immorality of war as seen through eyes of young recruit.

"Tribes," [1970], dir. Joseph Sargent, 74m.

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