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September 11, 2001

(see also War on Terrorism)

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On the Web: Articles

The Push for War. Anatol Lieven, London Review of Books (10/3/02). Brilliant critique of world view & militarist foreign policy of "think tank" intellectuals surrounding Bush administration.

The September 11 X-Files. David Corn, Nation (5/30/02). Close critical examination of Ruppert & Vreeland charges & several others, that Bush administration had prior knowledge of attack.

Follow the Changing Story: Atta, the Times & the Iraqi Agent. William Blum, Counterpunch (1/15/02).

The Eichmann Scenario: An alternative to war, Tariq Ali, Counterpunch (10/15/01). US propaganda convinces public they must wage war to catch bin Laden; Israel's capture & trial of Adolf Eichmann suggests otherwise.

The world has been in ferment since September 11, but why weren't there similar outcries at earlier atrocities? John Pilger, Guardian (10/4/01). 'Worthy' vs. 'unworthy' victims.

Building Peace to Combat Religious Terror. R. Scott Appleby, Chronicle of Higher Education (9/28/01). Nonviolent religious actors need support, training in conflict transformation.

Why We Shouldn't Call it War, Christopher Phelps, Chronicle of Higher Education (9/2801). What is war, & what are consequences of defining 9/11 attacks as war?

Our Biological Nature. David P. Barash, Chronicle of Higher Education (9/28/01). 9/11 attackers all too human.

Finding a Middle Road. Terry L. Deibel, Chronicle of Higher Education (9/28/01). Attacks force Bush to choose between competing Republican visions of foreign policy.

The American Republic, Past and Present. Joanne B. Freeman, Chronicle of Higher Education (9/28/01). A political process grounded in deliberation, debate, & compromise should guide us through.

A Complex God. Stanley Hauerwas, Chronicle of Higher Education (9/28/01). Americans about to learn that war is about dying; will we learn why others hate us?

Muslims Must Look Within. Stephen R. Humphreys, Chronicle of Higher Education (9/28/01). Only Muslims can find solution to massive violence in the name of Islam.

Toward the New Normal. Edward T. Linenthal, Chronicle of Higher Education (9/28/01). Need for grief before redemption; and defining our lives after 9/11.

Our Legacy of War. Catherine Lutz, Chronicle of Higher Education (9/28/01). US has outsourced war to global south since 1940's; on 9/11 it came home

A Time for Self-Examination. Richard Mouw, Chronicle of Higher Education (9/28/01). Everyone, not just Muslims, need to look within for answers to why of 9/11.

Our Myths of Choice. Richard Slotkin, Chronicle of Higher Education (9/28/01). US falling back on racialized founding myths to justify military response to attacks.

The Bastards! Alisa Solomon, Village Voice (Alternet, 9/22/01). Eyewitness account of 9/11.

A World Out of Touch With Itself: Where the Violence Comes From. Rabbi Michael Lerner, Tikkun (9/18/01).

America Under Attack: Guilty Or Not, Here We Come. Danny Schechter, MediaChannel (9/13/01)
Americans spent 9/11 trying to understand, but most pressing questions ignored by government & media.

Bush, the CIA and the Roots of Terrorism. Michael Moore, Alternet (9/12/01). Mourn and grieve, but don't ignore US contribution to creating an unsafe world.

Hiding in Brooklyn: Afghan American Fears for Safety. Fariba Nawa, Pacific News Service (9/12/01). Writer in Brooklyn wonders what will happen when police sent to prevent racial backlash leave neighborhood.

Ground Zero at the Pentagon. Jason Vest, Alternet (9/12/01).

The wickedness and awesome cruelty of a crushed and humiliated people. Robert Fisk, Guardian (9/12/01). Speculation on perpetrators of 9/11 attacks; & reasons for it.

Revenge Would Expose US Vulnerability. James E. Garcia, PoliticoMagazine (9/12/01). US revenge on perpetrators will only widen wounds & fuel hatred for America.

Statements made by loved ones of people killed in the suicide attacks on September 11th,Voices in the Wilderness (n.d.). Relatives & friends of 9/11 victims calling for justice, not war.

Thoughts in the Presence of Fear, Wendell Berry, Orion Online (no date). What can we learn from 9/11?

On the Web: Specialized Sites

9/11Citizens' Watch.

National Security Archive.

Unanswered Questions.

In the Library: Articles

Ahmad, Feroz. "The historical background to the events of September 11, 2001," Radical Historians Newsletter 85 (dec 2001).

Granta, special issue on "What We Think of America" (spr 02), with articles by Ariel Dorfman, Benoit Duteurtre, Pankaj Mishra, Ziauddin Sardar & others.

Hersh, Seymour M. "Missed messages. Why the government didn't know what it knew," New Yorker (6/3/02):40-48.

Lakoff, George. "September 11, 2001" (unpub. paper 2001) in M. Klein & A. McIntyre (eds.) September 11: Contexts & Consequences: An Anthology (xeroxed reader Berkeley, 2001).

Louie, Myriam Ching. "The 9/11 disappeareds," Nation (12/3/01):7-8. Asociación Tepeyac & distribution of benefits for undocumented immigrant victims.

Shaw, Jeff. "What goes around... An interview with Chalmers Johnson," In These Times (10/29/01):18-19.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Griffin, David Ray. The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions & Distortions (Northampton MA: Olive Branch, 2005).

Maynard, Joyce. The Usual Rules (NY: St. Martin's, 2003).

Murphy, Dean E. September 11: An Oral History (NY: Doubleday, 2002).

Bernstein, Richard. Out of the Blue: A Narrative of September 11, 2001 (NY: Times, 2003).

Khosrokhavar, Farhad. Suicide Bombers: Allah's New Martyrs (London: Pluto, 2005).

Smith, Dennis. Report from Ground Zero (NY: Viking, 2002). First-person narratives of rescue effort at World Trade Center.

Talbot, Strobe & Nayan Chanda. The Age of Terror (NY: Basic, 2001).

Vanden Heuvel, Katrina (ed.) A Just Response: The Nation on Terrorism, Democracy & September 11, 2001 (NY: Nation Books, 2002).

In the Library: Fiction

Foer, Jonathan Safran. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (NY: Houghton Mifflin, 2005).

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CD & Audio

Film & Video

"Reno: Rebel Without a Pause" [2003], dir. Nancy Savoca, 72m. No-holds-barred conversations on street with New Yorkers following 9/11.

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