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(see also Arms Trade, Angola, Cambodia & Mozambique)

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About Landmines

On the Web: Articles

Anti-Personnel Landmines & Explosive Remnants of War (International Red Cross).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Campaign for a Landmine Free World (Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation).

Clear Landmines (Canadian Landmine Foundation).

Clearpath International.

Documents on Landmines (Human Rights Watch).

Friends Committee on National Legislation.

International Campaign to Ban Landmines.

Landmine Monitor (detailed annual world-wide survey of the problem & progress in resolving it).

One World Guide: Landmines.

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In the Library: Articles

Anon. "The land mine wars," National Geographic (5/02).

Burkhalter, H. "Phantom pain: banning landmines," World Policy Journal 14,2 (sum 97):30-34.

Capellaro, Catherine & Anne-Marie Cusac. "Meet the people who make land mines," Progressive (11/97).

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Webster, Donovan. "The soldiers moved on; the war moved on; the bombs stayed," Smithsonian Magazine (2/94). On demineurs, still removing unexploded bombs & mines from World Wars I & II in the French countryside.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

African Rights & Mines Advisory Group. Violent Deeds Live On: Landmines in Somalia & Somaliland (London, 1993).

Arms Project of Human Rights Watch & Physicians for Human Rights. Landmines: A Deadly Legacy (NY, 1993).

Blagden, P. Anti-Personnel Landmines: Friend or Foe? (?,?)

Croll, Mike. The History of Landmines (Barnsley UK: Leo Cooper,1998).

Davies, Paul & Nic Dunlop. War of the Mines: Cambodia, Landmines & the Impoverishment of a Nation (Boulder CO: Pluto, 1994).

Hawkins, Thomas & Edward F. Bruner. Landmines: Basic Facts & Congressional Concerns (Washington: Congressional Research Service, 1997).

Human Rights Watch/Africa. Landmines in Mozambique (NY, 1994).

Human Rights Watch. Killers in the Commonwealth: Antipersonnel Landmine Polities of the Commonwealth Nations (NY, 1997).

__________. United States: Clinton's Landmine Legacy (NY, 2000).

McGrath, Rae. Landmines: Legacy of Conflict. A Manual for Development Workers (Oxford: Oxfam, 199r).

_________. Landmines & Unexploded Ordnance: A Resource Book (London: Pluto, 2000).

Middle East Watch. Hidden Death: Landmines & Civilian Casualties in Iraqi Kurdistan (NY: Human Rights Watch, 1992).

Monan, Jim. Landmines & Underdevelopment: A Case Study of Quong Tri Province, Central Vietnam (Hong Kong: Oxfam, 1995).

Roberts, S. & J. Williams. After the Guns Fall Silent: The Enduring Legacy of Landmines (?,?).

Rupiya, Martin Revai. Landmines in Zimbabwe: A Deadly Legacy (Harare, 1998).

Seith, Andrew. Landmines in Burma: The Military Dimension (Canberra: Australian National U., 2000).

US Congress. Senate Committee on Appropriations. Subcommittee on Foreign Operations. The Global Landmine Crisis: Hearing (Washington: GPO, 1994).

__________. House Committee on National Security. Subcommittee on Military Researchg. Response to the Landmine Threat in Bosnia: Hearing (Washington, GPO, 1996).

US Department of State. Bureau of Political-Military Affairs. Office of Humanitarian Demining Programs. Hidden Killers, 1998: The Global Landmine Crisis (Washington: Dept. of State, 1998).

Webster, Donovan. Aftermath: The Remnants of War (NY: Pantheon, 1996).

Winslow, Philip C. Sowing the Dragon’s Teeth. Land Mines & the Global Legacy of War (Boston, 1997).

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CD & Audio

Film & Video

"Land Mines: A Love Story" [2005], dir. Dennis O'Rourke, 73m. Documentary set in Afghanistan.

"Spotlights on a Massacre: Ten Films Against Landmines" [1998], dir. Fernando Trueba, Youssef Chahine, Rithy Panh, Coline Serreau, Volker Schlondorff, Mathieu Kassovitz, Jaco van Dormael, Pierre Jolivet, Pavel Lounguine, Bertrand Tavernier, 40m.

"A Time for Drunken Horses", dir. Bahman Ghobadi (2000). Kurds of Iranian mountains adjacent to Iraq who live by smuggling simple domestic goods across the border, through terrain laced with buried landmines.

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