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On the Web: Articles

Another Toughman Death Prompts Scrutiny. Vickie Chachere, Kansas City Star (6/22/03).

Arguments against banning boxing.

Australian Medical Association's effort to ban boxing (1998).

Requiem for a Featherweight. Chrisanne Beckner, Sacramento News & Review (5/27/04).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Boxers' Organizing Committee (trade union for professional boxers).

International Boxing Federation/US Boxing Association.

Original Toughman Contest.

Women's Boxing (links to reading matter pro & con, including health issues).

World Boxing Association.

In the Library: Articles

Callahan, Tom. "Boxing's allure," Time (6/27/88): 66-72.

Cowart, Virginia S. "Boxing makes more headlines than usual, & a lot of the news hasn't been good," Journal American Medical Association 261,1 (1/6/89):14-17.

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Oates, Joyce Carol. "The man with the golden smile," NY Review (11/18/04):25-28. Review essay on Ward, Unforgivable Blackness & Johnson's place in boxing history.

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Wallace-Wells, Benjamin. "Battered women: female boxing is brutal & hopeless," Washington Monthly (3/05):34-36.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Ali, Muhammad with Richard Durham. The Greatest: My Own Story (NY: Random House, 1975).

Arnaud, Pierre & James Riordan (eds.) Sport & International Politics (NY: E & FN Spon, 1998).

Atyeo, Don. Blood & Guts: Violence in Sports (NY: Paddington, 1979).

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__________ (ed.) The Muhammad Ali Reader (Hopewell NJ: Ecco, 1998).

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In the Library: Fiction

Apple, Max. Zip: A Novel of the Left & the Right (NY: Viking, 1978).

Benedict, Pinckney. Dogs of God (NY: Doubleday, 1994).

Gardner, Leonard. Fat City [1969] (Berkeley: U. California, 1996).

Kalam, Murad. Night Journey: A Novel (NY: Simon & Schuster, 2003). African American boys & boxing.

Lipsyte, Robert. The Contender (NY: Harper & Row, 1967).

London, Jack. The Game (NY: Macmillan, 1905).

__________. The Abysmal Brute [1913] (Lincoln: U. Nebraska, 2000).

Mailer, Norman. The Fight (Boston: Little, Brown, 1975).

McNamer, Dierdre. One Sweet Quarrel: A Novel (NY: HarperCollins, 1994).

Murray, Yxta Maya. What it Takes to Get to Vegas (NY: Grove, 1999).

Phillips, Gary. Shooter's Point: A Martha Chainey Mystery (NY: Kensington, 2001).

Schulberg, Budd. The Harder They Fall [1947] (Chicago: Ivan Dee, 1996).

__________. Sparring with Hemingway: and Other Legends of the Fight Game (Chicago: I.R. Dee, 1995).

Toole, F.X. Rope Burns: Stories from the Corner (NY: Ecco, 2000).

Zinberg, Len. Walk Hard, Talk Loud: A Novel (Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill, 1940).

In the Library: Poetry

In the Library: Drama

Sackler, Howard. The Great White Hope: A Play (NY: Dial, 1968). White boxers striving to challenge early 20th-c. Black heavyweight champ.

In the Library: Photography

Fleischer, Nat; Sam André & Nat Loubet. A Pictorial History of Boxing (rev. ed.; NY: Hamlyn, 1981).

Sheed, Wilfrid. Muhammad Ali: A Portrait in Words & Photographs (NY: Crowell, 1975).

CD & Audio:

Film & Video:

"Body & Soul" [1947], dir. Robert Rossen, 104 m. In video stores. Classic story of fighter working his way up by devious means, brilliantly photographed by James Wong Howe.

"The Boxer" [1998], dir. Jim Sheridan, 114 m. In video stores.

"Broken" [2006], dir. David Wendelman, 16m. Veteran boxer Luis Morales contemplates retirement.

"Broken Noses" [1992], dir. Bruce Weber, 75m. In video stores.

"Campeón sin Corona" [1945], dir. Alejandro Galindo, 110m.

"The Champ" [1931], dir. King Vidor, 87m. Wallace Beery got an Oscar for his portrayal of a washed-up prizefighter.

"Champion" [1949], dir. Mark Robson, 100m. In video stores. Gripping story with Kirk Douglas well-cast as the unscrupulous fighter.

"El choqui" [200?], dir. Felix Zurita, 57m. Young man living in misery seeks escape by emigrating to US with hopes of becoming a boxer.

"Cinderella Man" [2005], dir. Ron Howard, ?m. In video stores. Story of depression-era fighter & folk hero Jim Braddock, who defeated heavyweight champ Max Baer in 1935.

"City for Conquest" [1940], dir. Anatole Litvak, 101m. James Cagney is the boxer, devoted to a younger brother.

"Fat City" [1972], dir. John Huston, 100m. In video stores.

"The Fighter" [1952], dir. Herbert Kline, 78m. Richard Conte as a Mexican boxer who uses winnings to buy arms to seek revenge for his family's murder.

"The Fighter" [1983], dir. David Lowell Rich.

"Girlfight" [2001], dir. Karyn Kusama, 110m.

"Golden Gloves" [1940], dir. Edward Dmytryk, 69m.

"The Harder They Fall" [1956], dir. Mark Robson, 109m. Cruel exploitation in the "fight game.

"The Joe Louis Story" [1953], dir. Robert Gordon, 88m.

"Let's Do It Again" [1975], dir. Sidney Poitier, 110m. Con men use hypnotism to turn scrawny character into a boxer.

"Million Dollar Baby" [2004], dir. Clint Eastwood, 137m. Old pro trains scrappy young woman for ring.

"On the Ropes" [2000], dir. Nanette Burstein & Brett Morgen, 96m. Documentary on three young fighters & coach determined to guide them in positive direction.

"Raging Bull" [1997], dir. Martin Scorsese, 129m. In video stores. Story of fighter Jake La Motta (Robert De Niro).

"Requiem for a Heavyweight" [1962], dir. Ralph Nelson, 85m. In video stores. Devastating critique, with Anthony Quinn as a has-been fighter forced into corruption & degradation.

"Right Cross" [1950], dir. John Sturges, 90m. In video stores.

"The Ring" [1927], dir. Alfred Hitchcock, 73m.

"Rocky" [1976], dir. John G. Avildsen, 125m. In video stores. Two-bit fighter Sylvester Stallone has his one shot for fame & self-respect.

"Triumph of the Spirit" [1989], dir. Robert M. Young, 121m. In video stores.

"Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise & Fall of Jack Johnson" [2004], dir. Ken Burns, 214m. From PBS Home Video.

"When We Were Kings" [1997], dir. Leon Gast, 94m. Story built around 1974 Mohammed Ali vs. George Foreman bout in Kinshasa.

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