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(see also Chinese Exclusion)

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On the Web: Articles

California's Prop 187 & Its Lessons. Stanley Mailman, New York Law Journal (1/3/95).

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In the Library: Articles

Kadetzky, Elizabeth. "'Save Our State' Initiative: bashing illegals in California," Nation (10/17/94):416-22. California Proposition 187.

Loh, Penn. “Creating an environment of blame: anti-immigration forces seek to woo environmentalists,” Resist Newsletter (12/95):4-7.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Gibson, Rachel K. The Growth of Anti-Immigrant Parties in Western Europe (Lewiston NY: Edwin Mellon, 21002).

Higham, John K. Strangers in the Land: Patterns of American Nativism, 1860-1925 [1955] (New Brunswick NJ: Rutgers, 2001).

Perea, Juan F. (ed.) Immigrants Out! the New Nativism & the Anti-Immigrant Impulse in the US (NY: NYU, 1997).

Pozzetta, George E. (ed.) Nativism, Discrimination, & Images of Immigrants (NY: Garland, 1991).

Tatalovich, Raymond. Nativism Reborn? The Official English Language Movement & the American States (Lexington: U. of Kentucky, 1995).

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