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(see also Women in Islam & Muslim American History, Life & Values & the several Islamic countries, under Countries & Regions)

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On the Web: Articles

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Islam for Today. For Westerners seeking an understanding of Islam.

Islamic Institute for Human Rights.

Muslim Internet Directory.

MuslimMedia: News from Muslim perspective.

Muslim Wakeup!.

In the Library: Articles

Asad, Talal. "The idea of an anthropology of Islam" Georgetown University Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, Occasional Paper (March 1986).

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In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Abou El Fadl, Khaled & Others. Islam & the Challenge of Democracy (Princeton: Princeton, 2004).

Armstrong, Karen. Islam: A Short History (NY, 2000).

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Viorst, Milton. In The Shadow of The Prophet: The Struggle for the Soul of Islam (Boulder CO: Westview, 2001).

Williams, John A. (ed.) The Word of Islam (Austin, 1994).

In the Library: Fiction

Makiya, Kanan. The Rock: A Tale of Seventh-Century Jerusalem (NY: Pantheon, 2001).

In the Library: For Young Readers

In the Library: Poetry

In the Library: Drama

In the Library: Photography

CD & Audio

Film & Video

"Islam: Empire of Faith," PBS video production. From PBS. Three-part series on first millennium of Islamic faith & power, from birth of Muhammad to peak of Ottoman Empire.

"Ramadan: A Fast of Faith" (1989), dir. Ra’up McGee. Films for the Humanities & Sciences.

"Born-Again Muslims" (1998), produced by Kanakna Documentary, 52m. Filmakers Library.

"Islam & the West" (1996), dir. Joseph Camp, 27m. Films for the Humanities & Social Sciences.

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