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On the Web: Articles

Thinking Straighter. James A. Beverly, Christianity Today (4/8/05). Why world's most famous atheist now believes in God.

On the Web: Specialized Sites

American Atheists.

Atheism Awareness.

Atheism Web.

Positive Atheism.

Secular Web.


In the Library: Articles

Murphy, Cullen. "The path of brighteousness: Godless Americans launch a semantic crusade," Atlantic Monthly (11/03):173-74.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Baggini, Julian. Atheism: A Very Short Introduction (NY: Oxford, 2003).

Besant, Annie Wood. My Path to Atheism (London: Freethought, 1885).

Craig, William Lane & Quentin Smith. Theism, Atheism & Big Bang Cosmology (NY: Clarendon, 1995).

Epshtein, Mikhail. Cries in the New Wilderness: From the Files of the Moscow Institute of Atheism (Philadelphia: Paul Dry, 2002).

Flew, Anthony. God, Freedom & Immortality: A Critical Analysis (Buffalo: Prometheus, 1984).

Gordon, David J. Literary Atheism (NY: P. Lang, 2002).

Hecht, Michael. The End of the Soul: Scientific Modernity, Atheism & Anthropology in France (NY: Columbia, 2003).

Hemming, Laurence Paul. Heidegger's Atheism: The Refusal of a Theological Voice (Notre Dame IN: Notre Dame, 2002).

Joshi, S.T. (ed.) Atheism: A Reader (Amherst NY: Prometheus, 2000).

Kashinath. The Need to Revive Atheism in India (Delhi: Ajanta, 1992).

LeBeau, Bryan F. The Atheist: Madalyn Murray O'Hair (NY: NYU, 2003).

MacIntyre, Alasdair & Paul Ricoeur. The Religious Significance of Atheism (NY: Columbia, 1969).

Martin, Michael. Atheism, Morality & Meaning (Amherst NY: Prometheus, 2002).

O'Hair, Madelyn Murray. Women & Atheism (Austin: American Atheist, 1979).

Pospielovski, Dimitry. A History of Marxist-Leninist Atheism & Soviet Anti-Religious Policies (NY: St. Martin's, 1987).

Shelley, Percey Bysshe. The Necessity of Atheism & Other Essays (Buffalo: Prometheus, 1993).

Smart, J.J.C. & J.J. Haldane. Atheism & Theism (Malden MA: Blackwell, 2003).

Smith, George H. Why Atheism? (Amherst NY: Prometheus, 2000).

Stein, Gordon (ed.) A Second Anthology of Atheism & Rationalism (Buffalo: Prometheus, 1987).

Thrower, James. Western Atheism: A Short History (Amherst NY: Prometheus, 2000).

Williams, Hayward A. Fifty Years to Atheism (NY: Vantage, 1966).

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