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World Federalism

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Citizens for Global Solutions.

Federal Union. Est. 1938 to campaign for federalism in the United Kingdom, Europe & the World.

Short Readings in World Federalism.

United Planetary Federation

World Federalist Movement.

World Federalist Statement of Purpose.

World Government Web.

World Policy Institute.

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Heater, Derek. World Citizenship & Government (NY: Macmillan, 1996).

Kerr, P. Pacifism is Not Enough (London: Lothian Foundation, 1990).

Segesvary, Victor. World State, Nation States, or Non-Centralized Institutions? A Vision of the Future in Politics (Lanham MD: University Press, 2003).

Van Doren, Carl. The Great Rehearsal [1948] (?: Greenwood, 1982).

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