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War Crimes Prosecution

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On the Web: Articles

The ICC: A Victory Despite US Resistance. Amber McNair, Peace Magazine (7-9/02).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Coalition for International Justice

Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

In the Library: Articles

American University International Law Review 13,6 (1998), symposium on "War crimes tribuals: the record & the prospects."

Carey, Roane. "The Pinochet principle," Nation (2/21/00):22-24.

Judah, Tim. "The fog of justice," NY Review (1/15/04):23-25. Milosevic trial as seen from ex-Yugoslavia.

Lesser, Guy. "War crime & punishment," Harper's (1/04):37-52. On Milosevic trial in The Hague.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Clark, Roger S. & Madeline Sann (eds.) The Prosecution of International Crimes (New Brunswick NJ: Transaction, 1996).

Falk, Richard H.; Gabriel Kolko & Robert Jay Lifton (eds.) Crimes of War: A Legal, Political-Documentary & Psychological Inquiry into the Responsibility of Leaders, Citizens & Soldiers for Criminal Acts in Wars (NY: Random House, 1971).

Greene, Joshua M. Justice at Dachau: The Trials of an American Prosecutor (NY: Broadway, 2003).

Hitchens, Christopher. The Trial of Henry Kissinger (NY: Verso, 2001).

Minear, Richard H. Victors' Justice: The Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal (Princeton: Princeton U, 1971).

Taylor, Telford. Nuremberg Trials: War Crimes & International Law (NY: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 1949).

__________. The Anatomy of the Nuremberg Trials: A Memoir (NY: Knopf, 1992).

__________. Nuremberg & Vietnam: An American Tragedy (Chicago: Quadrangle, 1970).

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