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International Law of War

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On the Web: Articles

Bombing of Afghanistan is Illegal and Must Be Stopped. Prof. Marjorie Cohn (11/6/01)
Bombing Afghanistan violates both international and U.S.

Say What You Want, But This War Is Illegal. Michael Mandel (10/9/01). How Article 51 of UN charter applies to current situation, & Security Council actions since 9/11.

Terrorism properly categorized as a criminal act, not an act of war. Mark Drubml (n.d. 10/01). Applies international and criminal law to 9/11 attacks and bombing of Afghanistan; argues for "criminalizing" attacks within human rights provisions of Islamic law.

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Crimes of War Project. Journalists, lawyers & scholars working to raise public awareness of the laws of war & the human consequences of entrenched armed conflict.

Friends Committee on National Legislation.

In the Library: Articles

Marquardt, James J. "Not a moment too soon," Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 58,1 (1-2/2002):18-20. Open Skies Treaty.

Falk, Richard. “Why international law matters,” Nation (3/10/03):19-22.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Bagnall, Joseph Albert. The Kennedy Option: Pursuit of World Law (Lanham, MD: U. of America, 2003).

Bass, Gary Jonathan. Stay the Hand of Vengeance: The Politics of War Crimes Tribunals (Princeton: Princeton, 2002).

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