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Anti-war Movement Today

(see also American Radicalism, Nonviolence Movement, Anti-Nuclear Movement, Christian Pacifism & Anti-War Movements Past)

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On the Web: Articles

The "Leave My Child Alone" Movement. Rebecca Romani, Left Turn [AlterNet] (6/29/05). Main Street Moms Operation Blue in San Diego.

Seniors for Peace are Ready for Prime Time. Annie Nakao, Common Dreams (3/29/04).

Army of One. Take Back the Media (sum 2003).

First Person: Memorial Day's Forgotten People. Dana Briggs, Seattle Post-Intelligencer (5/26/03) [Common Dreams].

Union Yes, War No: AFL-CIO Charts New Course for Labor by Opposing Attack on Iraq. David Moberg, In These Times (3/20/03).

Another World is Possible: What the Peace Movement Has Accomplished. Bob Wing, War Times (3/19/03).

Campus Coalition. Naureen Shah, In These Times (2/28/03).

US Diplomat's Letter of Resignation. John Brady Kiesling, NY Times (2/27/03).

Iraq Yes & No: Who Voted What. Michael Moore (n.d. early 2003). Quick reference on which Congresspeople supported, which were brave enough to oppose, the push for war against Iraq.

University of California, Santa Cruz Academic Senate Resolution Against Unilateral US Military Intervention in Iraq (Drafted by MBEAW's Paul Ortiz; passed unanimously, 2/19/03).

February 15, 2003 in New York: Preliminary Assessment. Van Gosse, Historians Against the War (2/17/03).

One Million, & Still they Came. Euan Ferguson, Observer (2/16/03).

Citizen's Response to the National Security Strategy of the United States of America. Wendell Berry, Common Dreams (2/27/03). Abridged version of cover story in Orion Magazine (3-4/03).

Top Ten Reasons to Oppose War on Iraq. Standing United for Peace, UC Santa Cruz (1/03).

Time Magazine Poll on Biggest Threat to Peace in 2003 (1/03). Vote now & see updated results right away.

It's Not Yesterday's Peace Movement. René Ciria-Cruz, Pacific News Service (1/3/03).

Making the Connections. Adrienne Rich, Nation (12/12/02).

Labor Against War in Iraq & for Peace & Justice Now! (Santa Cruz & Monterey Counties, CA 12/4/02)

S.F. Peace March Draws Thousands. Wyatt Buchnan, Christopher Heredia & Suzanne Herel, San Francisco Chronicle (10/27/02).

100,000 Rally, March Against War in Iraq. Monty Reel & Manny Fernández, Washington Post (10/27/02).

Anti-War Protests Get Louder in California. Evelyn Nieves, Washington Post (10/14/02).

Who Opposes the War, Carl G. Estabrook, Counterpunch (12/17/01). Critics of war not proven wrong by apparent success in Afghanistan; & we won't go away

Afghanistan: We Didn't Have To Do This, Stephanie Salter, San Francisco Chronicle (10/17/01). Strong objection to war on Afghanistan and those who say "we had to do something"

The Eichmann Scenario: An alternative to War. Tariq Ali, Counterpunch (10/15/01). US propaganda convinces public they can only catch bin Laden by waging war on Afghanistan; Israel's capture & trial of Adolf Eichmann suggests otherwise

Defeating Terrorism Through Dialogue, Not War Stuart Rees, Sydney Morning Herald (10/10/01)

Dissenting Voices, Jihan Alaily, Al-Ahram (10/4/01). Egyptian media reports on US antiwar movement.

The UN Charter & the Use of Force Against Iraq. Lawyers' Committee on Nuclear Policy, Western States Legal Foundation & Center for Constitutional Rights (10/2/02). On how proposed Iraq invasion violates international law.

Building Peace to Combat Religious Terror. R. Scott Appleby, Chronicle of Higher Education (9/28/01). Nonviolent religious actors need support, training in conflict transformation.

Phantom Towers: Feminist Reflections on the Battle between Global Capitalism and Fundamentalist Terrorism. Rosalind P. Petchesky, Talk to Hunter College Teach-In (9/25/01). Alternatives to permanent war machine (or permanent security state) and regime of holy terror?

The Challenge of Terror, A Traveling Essay. John Paul Lederach (ca. 9/25/01). 9/11 terrorists changed the game; to really win, we need to change it yet again.

Statements made by loved ones of people killed in the suicide attacks on September 11th Voices in the Wilderness (no date). Statements calling for justice, not war.

A Time for Peace, Not Retaliation. Elijah Wald, TomPaine.com (Alternet, 9/11/01). Tougher security measures will not prevent future terrorist acts. Only peaceful policies will.

Global Action Plan to Prevent War. Randall Forsberg, Jonathan Dean & Saul Mendlovitz. Boston Review (2-3/99).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Antiwar Video Fund.


Artists United to Win Without War.

Baring Witness.

Bring Them Home Now.

California Peace Action.

Campaign for Innocent Victims of Conflict (Marla Ruzicka).

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Civil America. For a permanent conversion from war to peace.

Code Pink. (Women's Preemptive Strike for Peace).

Cost of the War in Iraq.

Educators to Stop the War.

End Selective Service (Libertarian Party).

Eyes Wide Open (American Friends Service Committee). Travelling exhibition on human costs of Iraq War.

Fellowship of Reconciliation.

Friends Committee on National Legislation.

Global Collaborative on Denuclearization Design.

Gold Star Families for Peace. Cindy Sheehan.

International A.N.S.W.E.R..

Mideast: Just Peace (Traverse City MI).

Military Families Speak Out.

Move On.

National Lawyers' Guild.

National Priorities Project.

National Youth & Student Peace Coalition.

No Blood for Oil!.

Nonviolence Web.

Not in Our Name.

No War No Way.

Open Letter from the Academic Community Opposing a US Invasion of Iraq.

Pax Christi.

Peace Action. See how your representatives voted on peace issues: 2002 Voting Record.

Peace Movement Aotearoa (New Zealand).

Peace, No War.

Peace Protest.


Peaceful Tomorrows. Organization formed by relatives of 9/11 victims, opposes further violence.

Poets Against the War.

Professors for Peace,

Rooting Out Evil. International delegation of inspectors to visit US searching for weapons of mass destruction.

Schools Not Bombs.

Selective Service Draft Registration Freeze Initiative Resolution Committee.

Seniors for Peace.

September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows.


Stop US Wars.

Student Peace Action Network. National organization est. 1996, embracing over 300 campuses.

Students United for Peace. (University of California, Santa Cruz).

Third World Within/Peace Action Coalition.

Topia.net: Another World is Being Born.

Transcend. International organization promoting conflict transformation by peaceful means.

Traprock Peace Center (Deerfield MA).

United for Peace & Justice.

UnReasonable Women for the Earth.

US Labor Against the War.

Veterans Against the Iraq War.

Veterans for Common Sense.

Veterans for Peace.

Vietnam Veterans Against War.

War Resisters' League.

Where Is the Money?.

Why War?.

Women Against Military Madness.

Women for Peace.

Women's International League for Peace & Freedom (WILPF).

Women Rise for Global Peace.

In the Library: Articles

Coeyman, Marjorie. "Telling kids to say 'no' to war," Christian Science Monitor (9/16/03)

Duncan, David James. "When compassion becomes dissent," Orion (1-2/2003)?.

Featherstone, Liza. "Mighty in pink," Nation (3/3/03):23-25. Coded Pink, new wave of feminist antiwar activism.

Fischer, Jack. "War inspires dueling decks," San Jose Mercury News (8/27/03):3E.

Guttenplan, D.D. & Maria Margaronis. "Europe on the march," Nation (3/10/03):5.

Hedges, Chris. "Heckled in Rockford," Progressive (7/03). Hostile audience response to veteran war correspondent's commencement speech about consequences of Iraq war.

Ivins, Molly. "Proud of the peace movement," Progressive (4/03).

Kaplan, Esther. "A hundred peace movements bloom," Nation (1/6/03):11-16.

Kiesling, John Brady. "Iraq: a letter of resignation," NY Review (4/10/03):91-92.

Kucinich, Dennis. "The bloodstained path," Progressive (11/02). Moving denunciation of "preemptive" war & call for international problem-solving through the UN.

Rothschild, Matthew. "Enforced conformity," Progressive (7/03):19-23. War vs. free speech.

Schell, Jonathan. "The case against the war," Nation (3/3/03):11-23.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Abu-Nimer, Mohammed. Nonviolence & Peace Building in Islam (Gainesville: U. of Florida, 2003).

Bruce, Maxwell & Tom Milne (eds.) Ending War: the Force of Reason (NY: St. Martin's, 1999).

Kelly, Kathy. Other Lands, Other Dreams: From Baghdad to Pekin Prison (Petrolia CA: CounterPunch, 2005).

Kingston, Maxine Hong. The Fifth Book of Peace (NY: Knopf, 2003). Recovery of from Oakland fire that destroyed her home & novel in progress leads reknowned author to fellowship with veterans of Persian Gulf War.

Potorti, David. September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows: Turning Our Grief into Action for Peace (NY: RDV, 2003).

Ratner, Michael; Jennie Green & Barbara Olshansky. Against War with Iraq: An Anti-War Primer (NY: Seven Stories, 2003).

Wormuth, Francis D. & Edwin B. Firmage. To Chain the Dog of War: The War Power of Congress in History & Law (Urbana: U. of Illinois, 1989).

In the Library: Fiction

Palacek, Mike. Joe Coffee's Revolution (Madison WI: Badger, 2003). Ex-activist running for Congress in Western Iowa speaks out against prisons & military, runs into flak from mainstream Democrats.

In the Library: For Young Readers

In the Library: For Young Readers

In the Library: Poetry

Bass, Ellen. Pray for Peace.

Greening, Tom. "Nichts Neues im Westen," Fellowship (9/10/00):28.

Hamill, Sam (ed.) Poets Against the War (NY: Nation, 2003)

Twain, Mark. The War Prayer.

In the Library: Drama

In the Library: Photography

Crespo, Al. Protest in the Land of Plenty (Miami: Center Lane, 2002).

CD & Audio

Power to the People!.

Film & Video

"Gringo-thon" [2003], dir. Greg Berger, 27m. From Latin America Video Archives. US film maker in Mexico acts out on street his feelings of helpless anger in the face of Iraq War.

"Other American Voices" [2002], dir. Corinna Belz & Neil Hollander, 52m. From First Run/Icarus. Noam Chomsky, Richard Deats, Katrina van den Heuvel, Amy Goodman, Asif Ulla & others on US & civil liberties since 9/11.

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