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Trotsky & Trotskyism

(see also Russia: Bolshevik Revolution)

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On the Web: Articles

Genesis of Trotskyism (Max Schachtman).

Trotskyism or Leninism? (J.V. Stalin, 1924).

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International Socialist Organization (publishes Socialist Worker).

Leon Trotsky & Trotskyism.

World Socialist Website

In the Library: Articles

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

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In the Library: Fiction

Delahunt, Meaghan. In the Blue House (London: Bloomsbury, 2001).

Lourie, Richard. The Autobiography of Joseph Stalin: A Novel (Washington: Counterpoint, 1999).

In the Library: For Young Readers

Rius. El diablo se llama Trotsky (México: Grijalbo, 1981). Comic book introduction.

In the Library: Poetry

In the Library: Drama

Weiss, Peter. Trotsky in Exile: A Play (NY: Atheneum, 1972).

In the Library: Photography

King, David. Trotsky: A Photographic Biography (NY: Blackwell, 1986).

CD & Audio

Film & Video

"The Assassination of Trotsky" [1972], dir. Joseph Losey, 102m. In video stores.

"The Truth About Communism" [1985], dir. ?, 30m.

"Zina" [1985], dir. Ken McMullen, 90m.

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